Nick and JuneMature


Nicholas Patrick Hampton. The name that I shall never utter again from this point on. Crap, I sorta kinda did, didn't I? Well, scratch that. From this point on, now, I shall never utter that name again. It was deal I made with myself. And if I broke the deal, I would give my IPod away. I swear on my great-grandfather's grave. And if I went through with it, I would... hmmm, haven't thought of how I would reward myself. But, anyway, I was determined to completely forget about him. I needed to. I had to. I wanted to. It really sucked that I would have to see him in school. But, I would ignore him. Just one of the faces that I pass by everyday.


  • No waving.
  • No smiling.
  • No talking.
  • Ignore, ignore, ignore!
  • If we have to be partnered up for some stupid school project, talk only about it.
  • Kiss new boyfriend everytime I pass by him.
  • Be strangers.

I scribbled the list down in an old, yellowing, tattered notebook. I sighed, wishing that this hadn't happened, wishing I didn't hate him. I also wished he was ugly. But, no. He was... beautiful, with perfect messy dark hair, deep, hypnotizing navy blue eyes, a lean, muscular body, a chiseled face, and those full, soft lips I loved to kiss. No, maybe he wasn't that perfect. I swear to gosh (I have an innumerable amount of issues), he wore eyeliner sometimes. His lovely voice still cracked, and for some odd reason he liked broccoli. Strange, huh? Well, shit. I've been thinking about him again. Ok, lemme start over. I shall start now. I promise you, oh, great, great, gosh, I will never think of him again.

The End

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