Scribbling tomato juice


The air was wet and unpleasant, somehow making it easier to see who the hell bit me, because... you know.... balloon man powers. I jumped from one building to another building, I landed it perfectly but unfortunately no one was here to congratulate me, so I felt like my effort was wasted. Then suddenly, I saw an evil guy (yeah, apparently they're multi-sexual, which I didn't explain yet and should have been obvious because I'm one of them, but I just assumed I would turn into a woman soon) holding a little boy, so I jump down and take out my sword, which later fell to the ground. He dropped him for no reason and then looked at me. Then, you're not going to believe this, he screams. Good god I really am gonna turn into a woman aren't I?

I grab the sword and lob it at him, miraculously managing to hit him. He jumps back and turns into... um, a mixture between a bumble bee, cyclops, and Hell Boy. I can honestly say I have never seen this guy before.

"... Pff, BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" I start rolling on the floor hysterically, so much so that I didn't notice the flames the were appearing around the area. I got up and began shouting. "Submit to me bi-otch!" And just as it looked like HE was about to start laughing, I jumped up at him with my sword in hand. Just as I prepared to swing it at him, I dropped it and it somehow went through his entire body and turned him into a pile of ashes. That's it?

I was about to leave when I saw the boy the daemon was about to kill. He was in crying, mangled and losing consciousness, so I did what any respectable person would do. "You are a pathetic, pathetic little boy, haha!" Then I kidnapped him and brought him to my house.

The End

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