Avenging nothing for a whole chapter

Pat Storks

I was naked in my room. I was cut and beaten up a lot, the biggest of which was a bite given to me by a hooker. After which I soon realized, it wasn't a human (no duh). It was a demon... vampire... evil chick. When she bit me she gave me the same power it had, then she killed my family and left... without killing me. She wasn't the smartest evil chick I've met.

I opened my eyes and somehow I could feel that my eyes were red now. Awesome! Oh, also, I feel like I should mention, that I'm not from here, I'm from another dimension. I'm still a human, but more like a balloon. Anyway, I get geared up and then pull out this wicked black sword (that I can barely hold and will never explain how it got there). Then I put on a trench coat, walk on to my balcony and jump off.

"Help! I forgot that the ground was hard!" Too late, I landed on my head and almost got a concussion. But I didn't so I decided that I was gonna go kill the chick who bit me, because I can.

The End

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