Scottland Yard

The noisy city went from quiet to the roar of traffic as the sun rose over the horizon. Sighing, she thought I knew it. Reaching for her phone, she called Nexus. Alex, of course, answered. Malukah said in her normal voice, albeit with a tinge of frustration "Mihaljo hasn't come back yet."

Alex mumbled "Then go find him."

Her grip tightened on the phone. "What's the point? He failed and he's not coming back."

"How do you know he even tried?"

Malukah closed her mouth. She thought how do I know? "He's a long way from home and can't risk getting caught."

"Or he called your bluff. Go find him."

Alex hung up. Malukah snarled, pocketing her phone. She let herself fall of the three meter high steel beam. Her toes hit the floor first, absorbing the impact so she could roll forwards, allowing the force to transfer more evenly across her body. She threw her black mask of and donned city clothes. With more force than was needed, she slammed the doors to the warehouse shut, the electronic locks automatically locking the place down. The warehouse was fairly large, but old with the numbers six-two-eight on the top facing forwards. Malukah got on her Honda Sports Bike and drove to the cities center. She wasn't exactly clear on what company she wanted him to go to, but anyone could find it. If he couldn't, it would be a perfect excuse to get out of London and do some actual thieves work. 

The company in question was Apples office in London. It was located pretty much in the direct center of the city- assuming he actually found it, of course. When Malukah arrived at the headquarters (about a hour away walking distance), police were surrounding the building. Chuckling, Malukah called Alex back up. He answered in an unusually gruff voice "Yeah?"

Smiling, Malukah stated "He's in the building... and he's in trouble. Looks like he's got half of Scottland Yard maintaining a perimiter, with the other half inside. Can't say I didn't tell you so."

Alex slowly said "Get-inside-this is not a discussion. We are a team."

Malukah roared with frustration "He's GONE Alex! I am not risking jail time for this crazy veteran!" 

"Then you won't get your bonus. Get him out."

The call ended. Biting her lip, Malukah felt a twinge of fear. She needed that bonus. Scanning the area, she thought a straight approach won't work. Side doors are blocked. Exits are blocked. They're even lowering guys into the sewer. Won't be able to bribe his way out, England is too good at catching that sort of thing. Malukahs eyes landed on a swat van just outside the perimiter. It's driver was helping two snipers load equipment of the truck. No, it's way to risky! Her eyes then picked up a nice spot right near the truck- her brain highlighted a path to her target. Her muscles tensed as she began to climb the nearest brick wall. She jumped of the wall and landed on a telephone pole. 

With a careful step, she balanced on the wire, walking towards the other side of the street. Malukah mumbled "How is Scottland Yards response time this fast?"

Something was not adding up. Malukah promised herself that she'd investigate it later, right after she got handsome out. With a light leap, she hit the ground silently, rolling behind the Swat officer who just opened the passenger door to his van. She reached for his precinct keys and stuffed them into her backpack soundlessly. As she walked away, the officer took notice of her and said "Excuse me mam! Keep out of the immediate area if at all possible."

Malukah smiled, thatshe had no problem with.

The End

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