Walking In, Breaking Out

Mihajhlo Vukasin

Mihajhlo groaned as life flooded back through his veins, the pounding in his skull bringing back flashes of the past. Motars thundering, tank tracks digging deeply into the soiled earthen dirt. Gunfire and screams ringing in his ears until the icy chill of concrete stung his cheek and brought him round to where he was. The room had to be large, despite the shadows that swallowed everything outside the border of the flickering yellow light above.

A small grunt passed his lips and his eyes fluttered before he placed his rough hands on the ground and lifted himself to his feet. Mihajhlo stood 5' 10" and was wearing a pair of a tan long sleeve shirt, a thick leather jacket, black jeans, military issue combat boots, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses with red lenses.

"Hey handsome." A feminine voice rang out from above him, causing Mihajhlo to glance up. He wasn't scared or worried about suddenly being abducted from his home in Belgrade, Serbia. He'd gotten himself out of situations worse than this. At least he was stolen to this warehouse by a flirtatious female, there were worse things that a Serb could have happen to him.    

"Were your dreams nice?... I hope they were. Cause now I got you in my grasp." Mihajhlo blinked at the womans outline, his face placid, his hands relaxed at his sides. She had obviously stripped him of his knives and other weapons, as his hand brushed against his jacket pocket he smiled, at least she had the decency to leave him his lighter and cigarrettes.

Placing his hand in the fur lined pocket, he pulled out the crushed packet of off brand smokes and pulled one out, pinching his between his lips, he lit it up and sucked in a lung full of smoke. Continuing to listen to his captor, because for all her ramblings she did have a silky voice and sounded like she was getting somewhere in this one-sided converstation.

"What do I want? It's really simple. Help me out with a few things and I won't let the UN know that a war criminal is here, in England. Awww, I know you're not one, but, information is so easy to forge. So, what's it gonna be Mihajhlo?"

"War Criminal?" he asked in Serbian, cocking a brow, sure she was speaking to him in english but he didn't have to dignify her the same kindness until he knew more. His mind racked through the wars he'd been in; the Serbian Revolution, the Kosovo conflict, the Bosnian War... Sure he'd done some not so nice things but he'd never left a trail. How could this woman have any evidence at all, then again she did manage to knock him out and get him to wherever he was without him being the wiser. Taking another puff, he blew the smoke into the air with a sharp exhale. His english while heavily accented was the only way he'd learn what she wanted. 

"Wv'hat is it Z'at J'ou wv'ant? I know I 'Ave enemies, but flirtatious wv'omen like j'our self? Z'ats a new one." Malukah tilted her head at him, at least this guy had some spunk and wasn't rolling over and playing dead. 

"Theres a company in the center of the nearby city, I'm sure you'll figure out where you are. We need you to steal the companies Bank Codes, and any pertinent data you find in there system. I'm sure you'll know what I mean when you get there. You have six hours to get in and out without being detected. Killing well," she relaxed on the beam and toyed with one of his knives, an old diamond tipped suete dagger. "Try to keep the blood shed down after all it does-"

"Attract attention, da' I know. Z'his is not my first time doing a job." he replied tossing the butt of the cig to the ground and crushing it under the toe of his boot. Malukah tossed him the knife, which he caught with expert ease.

"This is what we'll trust you with for now, try not to cut yourself. Oh and the companies name is Serrif Industries. We'll be watching." And with those words the groan of a large garage door opening echoed loudly and light from outside streamed inside the black space.

"See j'ou, love." Mihajhlo said with a smirk and took off running, he had learned early on that everyday brought its challenges, he just wondered what he was truly in for now.

Serrif Industries, Edge of New Hampsire, England

Cars sped past the tall ten story building based just on the edge of the city, while Mihajhlo didn't have to pay too much attention he knew this wasn't Serbia and it made him a bit homesick. The war torn land really suited him, thefts and assassinations were easy in a land that didn't care or just turned a blind eye. No, now he was in England, America's daddy.

He snorted and continued down the sidewalk across the street from Serrif. He could tell just from the outside security had become complacent. Sure there was cameras on every corner but they were old and in disrepair. The security guards at the front doors were fat and stupid, joking and laughing, ignoring everything around them. 

Finally done with his preliminary look over, he moved across the street and inside. The lobby was much different from the outside, white marble floors, cherry wood desks, secretaries with beautiful silk dresses and Gouchi handbags. Obviously appearances left more to wonder about. Slowly he walked over to a young blonde that had a big smile on her face and obviously too much make-up. 

"Hello Sir!" She said in a chipper voice, and instantly put her fingers to the keyboard of an Apple computer. "How may I help you today?" Mihajhalo gave the woman a fake smile back and leaned on the stainless steel counter top. 

"Yes," he said, mimicking her british accent perfectly. One thing he had been taught during the rebellion, faking accents, and it always came in handy. "I'm looking for the Data Storage level, I'm new and one of my coworkers left his access pass up there." The blonde tilted her head for a moment and narrowed her eyes, he could see her fingers twitch and move slightly towards the underside of her desk, where there had to be a silent alarm hidden. Not as dumb as they look either. 

"Please miss, I need to get this and get home. My daughters having her fifth birthday and the wife will kill me if I'm late and don't have her present." He lied, putting on his best pleading face and leaned a bit closer. The woman sighed and managed a soft, understanding smile. 

"Sure, I'll let you up." She said typing something into her computer and directing him to the elevator, unfortunatley, one of the oaf security guards decided to tail him and enter the elevator. The man had his hand resting idly on his pistol and a gruff scowl on his face. The elevator ride up was silent and awkward but when he reached the sixth floor, Mihajhlo quickly made to exit. Until the cold barrel of a pistol was pushed into the back of his neck. 

"I don't think so Boyo," the man said, turning on his radio and calling in back up. "Think you could just walk in here and go straight to our Data storage? You must think we're stupid." Mihajhlo wanted to say that they were but he had other ideas, not to mention leaner meaner officers were moving down the hallway. There also was the possibility of their SWAT showing up...scratch that, they were probably already here.

With lightning reflexes, he jammed his dagger into the fat cops through mid-turn around, grabbing the gun before it could clatter to the floor and throwing a few sloppy shots at the other two officers. The men shouted and took cover, drawing their own weapons and calling for him to surrender. Instead he bolted down the hallway searching for the main Data Storage room. 

  "Come on," he growled, sliding around the corner and coming nose to nose with the barrel of a tactical shotgun, but instincts took over and he pushed the barrel aside as its weilder pulled the trigger. His own commendeered weapon loosing two rounds into the cops skull and he continued running. Finally finding the room with the tall supercomputer storage units all wiring and buzzing with life but just as he moved to the units a small metal can clattered across the floor. His eyes snapped to the can and all he could utter was a curse in Serbian, before the flash bang went off and the world went white. 


The End

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