A group of very talented individuals steal information for profit. They are called Nexus. Nexus has never tangled with law enforcement until a divsion called Cybercrime takes them by suprise.

Malukah sat in the shadows of Mihaljhlo's apartment, waiting behind a torn sofa. She stroked her jet black hair and un-intentionally brushed a leaf of. Her face flushed and she scowled. Normally, getting dirty to accompish her goal didn't bother her. What did bother her was looking for someone that likely wan't going to be a fit for the team. Of course, no one else agreed with her, but anyone more suited to tracking a man down was currently assocciated with another task that did not in the least require her. So, here she was, dirty from stealing information in the streets and waiting in Mihaljhlo's room. She rolled his name around, trying to pronounce the name.

Sore, Malukah shifted on the carpet. Her watch ticked past two in the morning. Irritated, yet excited, she asked herself what is taking him so long? 

As if by magic, the door to the apartment opened. Malukah couldn't see much of the mans shape in the darkness, but she knew without a doubt when he groaned it was Mihaljhlo. He locked the door, then retreated to his bedroom. A hiss filled the air. Grinning, Malukah set to work, creeping into the bedroom after him. Wonder what his chest looks like. Laughing to herself, she walked into his room. She suddenly became slightly dizzy, but no further effects were felt. Malukah had become immune to this particular gas years ago in Tibet. The same could not be said for Mihaljhlo. He was slumpt on his bed at a weird angle, trying to push himself back up. Failing, he succumbed, falling asleep. 

Six days later

New Hampshire, England

The room wasn't exactly dark- but, it wasn't exactly well lit either. Shadows clung to every wall, the light illuminating Mihaljhlo, lying on the floor. On the ceiling, Malukah sat on a steel beam, her left leg dangling over the edge. A black mask and black outfit covered her with four light pieces of body armour covering her arms and legs. She hummed to herself until Mihaljhlo awoke. Malukah, in a seductive voice, said "Hey handsome. Were your dreams nice?... I hope they were. Cause now I got you in my grasp. What do I want? It's really simple. Help me out with a few things and I won't let the UN know that a war criminal is here, in England. Awww, I know you're not one, but, information is so easy to forge. So, what's it gonna be Mihaljhlo?"

Mihaljhlo stood up, completely calm. He searched his memory of the Kosovo Conflict, searching for any situation that even vaguely represented his current one. Slowly, he decided upon a course of action.

The End

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