Chapter VI: Martyrdom

Nick automatically dropped the pipe, and ran to this womans side and helped her out of the debris, which then followed with her fist in his face! Nick fell to the ground ass-first with a thud. "FOR GOD'S SAKE!" nick yelled. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??" The girl looked at him with a shocked yet appolagetic look on her face. "Oh sorry, I thought you were one of the aliens." she said. Nick looked up at her and cocked an eyebrow. "Ouch." he said, picking himself up. "Again, sorry." She said. "Yeah it's no problem, it's not the first time a womans hand has hit my face." Nick said sheepishly. The girl let out a snicker. "I'm sure." She replied back.

Nick had to admit, she was quite attractive. She looked around his age. But he wouldn't hit on her, no he was past that. At least he thought he was. Last time he hit on a girl was the last time a girl's hand hit his face. Yes this has happened more then once. Like the time when he hit on one of cheerleaders, it met with a slap and  a kick in the boonutzel. He couldn't talk in a normal pitch for 2 days. He didn't exactly understand why this gril was reminding him of this. But he didn't really take mind of this for much longer. He knows damn well he might have found a companion on his trip down sout to Cali. And he didn't want to piss her off.

"So whats your name?" He asked. Which was the line he usually used for hitting on girls in his teen years. Dammit, dammit you retard! Nick thought to himself as he said this. "Oh my name is Sara." she informed him. "Oh, cool. Mine's Nick." Nick said back. "So, I'm driving to California to get away form the aliens.Wanna come with me?" "Sure." She said right off the bat. "Alright, now we're gonna need to find a car, mine got blown up." said Nick. Sarah looked at Nick and said "Why do you think the aliens are doing this?" Nick looked back at her. "I dunno, maybe a form of Martyrdom." 

The End

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