Chapter V: Road Trip

"Man those aliens loed almost exactly like those aliens on District 9." said Nick to himself while driving. "Holy crap." Nick looked out the side window of the Camaro to see the alien ship still doing it's thing, execpt it was closer. Nick took his foot and pressed down on the gas until the pedal hit the floor! He sped all the 8 hours until Seattle! In Seattle nobody was panicking, just still in awe at the alien ship in the distance! The panicking set inas two alien fighters flew in and blasted a skyscraper with it's laser cannons!

"Oh crap!" yelled Nick as he drove away! He sped for abou 2 minutes before he heard an explosion behind him, heat blazing on his back, and his Camaro flipping 20 feet in the air!

                                                                    * * * * * * * * * 

Nick suddenly came to, inside of a Red Robins that was torn to shreds! "Aw man." said Nick groggily as he stood himself up. "Looks like the maid took a day off!"  He walked around when he saw his Camaro, totally broken up, basically charred on the outside. "Oh come on!" he said.

He continued walking, then he saw what Seattle  was reduced to: a smoldering reckage to say the least. He then saw something moving under the debris. Crap! An alien!  Nick thought. He grabbed a lead pipe off the floor and moved slowly towards the moving debris. He lifted the lead pipe over his head as he made it to the spot.

He readied himself to bean it on the head when he realised what came out wasn't an alien. It was infact , a girl!

The End

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