Chapter IV: The Boarder

As Nick drove like hell all the way to the border, he saw the beam from the alien spacecraft intensify and become a blinding white!

"Aw crap, this isn't good." He said to himself.

He finally made it to the boarder In 5 minutes. It felt like he broke a speed record just trying to get there! But as he made it to the boarder, he realised he didn't need his passport! People were just driving through at high speeds, and the few guards that stayed on the scene didn't care, they just wanted those people out of there! He drove through the borderline just in time to see a middle aged man get a big hole punched hrough his stomach by what looked like an energy ball! Blood was sprayed in front of the man like there were about 5 hoses inside him! He quickly looked to the right to find 4 aliens brandishing totally awesome looking ray guns just shooting the place up.

Then one of the aliens rached out and grabbed a teen-ager and put him in a headlock! He then pointed the raygun at his temple and squeezed the trigger. The teen flew back, minus his head!  "Time to go!" siad Nick as he put the pedal to the metal! But when he was just about home free, one of the alien jumped on the hood of his Camaro! "God Dammit!" yelled Nick! The alien punched through the glass, reaching for Nick, then Nick turned the steering wheel very sharply to the right and the alien flew off! How ever he looked in his rear view mirror to find the alien still hanging on to the back! He slammed on the brakes and put  the car in reverse! He heard the alien scream, a squelching sound, and looked in front of the car at the trail of greenish-brown blood following where his tires went.

"Ewwwwwwwwww..." said Nick as he drove to California.

The End

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