Chapter III: Hostile

"Holy crap!" Nick yelled as he saw the beam reduce Stanly Park from a forest to flames in 5 seconds! Suddenly, with a flicker of static, the T.V changed back to 'How it's Made.' "And thats how we finish the windows." Said the narrator.

Nick ran outside to take a look at the ship, even from Abbotsford, which was about an hour from Vancouver, he could see it clearly. Nick hopped in his Camaro and yelled "TO AMERICA!!" in a comedic voice. He always had a knack for bringing up a humorous approach in any situation! He was aiming for the border which would take him to Bellingham when he said "Aw crap, do I have my passport?" He stopped the car, reached into his pocket and took out his wallet. He looked in his wallet 5 times before screaming "SH*T! It's at home!" He quickly started the car back up and sped back to his house where he ran inside and panically looked for his passport! Just as he found it, there was explosion from about a block away! He looked out of the window to see 2 alien fighters screaming across the sky! "Holy crap." Is all he could say for a minute as he ran back into his car and drove to the border!

The End

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