Chapter II: Home at last

Nick drove hom in his Camaro, he had been saving for almost 5 years for that thing! He walked into his house, walked into his room, changed, and laid down on his bed. It felt so great just lying there, he laid for about 20 more minutes before saying "I want something to eat!" He opened the fridge and asked himself "What is there to stuff my fat ass?" He headed down to the rec room, and watched TV, as he couldn't play the X-box 360 while eating. He was watching "How it's made" when suddenly the screen flicked on the news, by itself.  Whoa this must be important Nick thought!

"Breaking news! An alien spacecraft has just appeared over Vancouver, British Columbia Canada." Said the worried newswoman. "The Army is on the way just in case anything happens!" This was far more interesting then watching how windows were made! He stared at the T.V screen intensly while eating his sandwich, making sure not to miss every last detail.

The spaceship was purple in color, and did not have a UFO like appearence, it was more like those spaceships the Covenant use on Halo. Do they come in peace? Nick asked himself. His question was answered when a greenish whitish beam sprayed out of the ufo and onto the street below!

The End

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