Chapter VII: Open Pages

The hull was quieter then usual on the ship Lasting Regulation, which was strange since this was the Nex's biggest and most powerful cruiser, the captains chair only reserved for the most honorable and most high ranking warriors in the entire race. Orenath was one of them, as he was the captain of this vessel, but he made sure the hull was quiet on this invasion. He had attempted to take over this planet before, back when the humans were just cave dwellers. He had taken them for granted, with their unnusually primitive weapons they had managed to kill off many of his men. He had witnessed first hand the lengths humans would go to save themselves. The humans had hidden from view, camoflaged themselves to blend in to their environment, much as they do to hunt their prey as Orenath had learned when studying them from above with their scanner. Their scanners could easily see them, however when many of his soldiers and himself went down to this planets surface on which seemed to be an easy invasion, he realized the hard way that these humans were much more difficult to see without their technology. Many of his finest soldiers died on that day, and he did not want a repeat of that. He had known that since he had left, the humans had many a war over land and religion, such as his race once did, when a rant of herecy over their one true religion started because a Nex named Hulas saw different. He thought the Nex religion was a joke that should be repelled as he did not seem to approve of this religion. He then gathered followers which joined his army, and then a massive war began and ended 20 years later. Many Nex people were killed, Orenath's dearest friend, Lichis, was killed in this war. Eventually, the war came to an end with the religious side seasing the victory, and Hulas was then sentenced to death with the highest possible charge of herecy.

 Orenath's second hand, Kalant walked to Orenath's side and confirmed for the fifth time that the humans had upgraded their weaponry. Orenath's mandibles clicked as he nodded in agreement. They exchanged a conversation about the comparisions of what the human race was then and what it was like now. Kalant then questioned his leader about the fact if he will go down to the surface. Orenath pondered this question for a few moments, then made it clear that in time he will. Kalant then walked back to his post and stood over his screen, he then walked back and told his leader that one of the soldiers, Operus, had been killed by a human vehicle. Orenath nodded slowly and told Kalant that he knew that a few, if not many will die, but he also made it clear that this was a nescesary sacrifice, as the Holy Leader wanted this planet for millenia. Orenath had all the time he needed, as an average Nex life span is millions of years. He still had lots of time left before he died, but he wanted to seize a planet, which was the holiest of actions toward the Holy Leader, before he went. Then Kalant regretfully told Orenath that the human that killed was not a soldier, but a normal human, with no military rank whatsoever. Orenath made a surprised growling sound. Orenath asked if they could track this human, and Kalant answered with the fact that they have been doing so for the past 8 hours. Orenath nodded with his approval, and stood up out of his chair. He then walked over to the viewscreen that showed the human's planet before him, as he did so he thought to himself that soon, very soon, this planet will be theirs.

The End

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