Nicholas Johnson is just a normal civillian. He has a decent job down at the Advertising Agency, is living in his own home, and has a pizza night with his buds every Friday. The perfect paradise, why would anyone want to live anywhere else? Now somethings gonna ruin it. An alien race called the Nex have a big beef with Earth, and they have just arrived...

"DAMMIT!" yelled Nicholas Johnson  as he hung up the phone with a very pissy client. "I hate this guy!"

His boss looked over at his desk and began to chuckle. "Is his name Kyle Terrence?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Everyone has a beef with him, Nick. Yells at everybody. Kind of like an angry Leroy Jenkins."

Nick chuckled. He had watched that video on Youtube.

Jeff Clayton, his boss, he was a pretty cool guy, about the same age as him, 23, has a good sense of humour, and can take a joke...thank god.

Jeff looked over at Nick's phone. "Whats he want to sell now?"

"I dunno. Some dumb kid's comic by the sound of his whining."

"You can never understand that guy."

"My god, yeah. It's almost as if he's from another planet, speaking some sort of alien language or something."

"Yeah, but lets forget about him for a bit. Lets go grab some coffee."

'You just read my mind you freak! Ha ha!"

So they went down to the cofee machine down the hall, poking fun at Kyle Terrence the wole 5 cups.

The End

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