First Encounters

The carpet squelched when I stepped on it, water leaking up after being absorbed by the carpet fibers. "Oh!" I cried in despair as I scrutinized the room. It was an utter disaster. The sink was steadily leaking and spilling over across the tile and onto the carpet. The granite counter was badly cracked and the shabby dining set looked as if it was ready to fall apart.

Continuing into the living room, I instantly noticed the worn, ugly arm chair and rickety shelf that could probably hold no more than a few thin children's books. I went into the bathroom, wincing at the yellow stained toilet and grungy tile. When I turned the shower facet, out came barely a dribble of water, certainly not enough to actually shower with.

When I got to the bedroom I was fully expecting the worst, but instead I got the terrible. The window shutters were falling off, their was a chunk taken out of the crooked lampshade, the carpet felt hard and crusty in some spots, the closet door didnt seem to open, and the bed was lopsided. "I don't think i'd be able to sleep feeling like im about to fall down a hill!" I said to myself. " This is ridiculous! They can't expect me to live like this!"

Running out the door and down the hallway, I came to the elevator. When I stepped instead I began mashing on the lobby button so hard it would make a battering ram jealous. On arriving, I marched straight up to the front desk with a wild look in my eye. "Exuse me sir, but I'm going to need a different room." I said angrily.

"I'm afraid you cannot have new room." the man said snootily." Not unless there's something wrong with the one you are currently residing in."

" Oh there's something wrong with it alright!" I quickly retorted.

"Hmm, like what might I ask?" the man replied. By this time I was talking through my teeth. " Why don't you come see for yourself?" I suggested.

So the Check in Man as I will refer to him as, followed me up to my room. I jammed in the key and roughly turned the lock. Shoving the door open, I glared in a triumphant manner at the Check in Man as he stared in looking about ready to collapse from despair.

"I-I-I will f-find you another room, Miss." he squeaked.

The End

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