New York City Lights

A young, sassy, independent girl striving to discover her self and longing for fame.

Bump, Bump. I jumped awake at the sudden rocking of the subway train. Bump, bump. I yawned drowsily and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

I was exhausted from the long trip to New York City from Seattle, Washington. I had taken two flights to get to Manhatten and now I was on my way to my new apartment. Bump, bump. I gazed around at the sleepy train then turned back to my work applications. I had to find a good job close by in order to pay my rent, so I'd grabbed as many applications as I could find. I spoke aloud to myself as I continued to fill out the forms.

"Name: Cara Lewis, Age: 21, Build: thin. Hair color: brunnette, Eye color: green, Schooling: college graduate."

Just then the subway train screeched to a slow stop. The passengers slowly wandered off and the train doors slammed shut as the last occupant stumbled onto the concrete. I dragged my suitcase up the long ascending stairs and breathed in the crisp night air. I tightened my scarf and straightened out my rumpled shirt and went on my way. I gazed in wonder at the bright billboards, giant paintings on the background of the starless night. Displays of designer clothing brands lined my path.

" Won't be able to afford anything there for a while," I said to myself. Even this late at night there were still plenty of people out and about, eating at expensive restaurants, sight seeing with their dates, or just hustling home after catching up on some work needing to be finished.

When I arrived at the Hamilton Heights Apartments in Midtown of Manhatten I hurried inside to check in. I was given my key and room number which was on the 4th floor. I practically jumped up the stairs, not wanting to wait for the slow and busy elevator and arrived at my door breathless. I fumbled with the key as I unlocked the door and eagerly pushed it open. I stood in the doorway, shocked at what I saw.

The End

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