New Year's Flash Fiction Challenge: Eagle Eye

Two people go to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve. An eagle nearby see them and is interested, so he listens to their conversation. The two people are a brother and sister who were separated from birth found eachother two years ago, and now they are recounting their story.

He saw it all from his perch that New Years Eve.

A couple who had sneaked up to the bench to watch the fireworks disturbed him, so the observer decided to watch them.

One of them, he noticed, was a sailor due to leave soon. The other was a grand lady.

"Do you remember the last time we were here, Jules?" the sailor whispered to the lady.

"Remind me." the lady replied as they settled down to watch.

Could they be lovers? The observer wondered. Lovers often escaped to such places.

"We had just found out about us being siblings." the sailor observed. "So I brought up something to celebrate."

"A bottle of champagne that had gone out of style." the lady smirked.

"Hey." the sailor elbowed her playfully. "It tasted better then what your friends were drinking that night!"

"Yes." the lady agreed. "It did taste much better. And it make a spark go off as if you had gotten your first kiss if you drank enough."

The sailor laughed. "Didn't I tell you that?"

"Not that I actually tried it." the lady added.

No, the observer decided as he watched the people below him. They were not lovers at all.

"They're more Geoffery's friends than mine." the lady fingered the diamond ring which she wore on her left hand. "But sometimes I don't think they can help it. Being taught all their lives to put style and season above reason. It's not fair to them."

"So at the time you meant to set things right in society?" the sailor grinned.

"No." was the lady's curt answer. "At the time all I knew was that I loved Geoff. I didn't think he'd pass on five months later."

"None of us thought he'd die before you." the sailor agreed, checking his watch. It was eleven fifty-five pm, the observer noticed.

The sailor and the lady watched the fireworks in silence for a moment. The midnight countdown would soon begin.

"Your ship leaves in three hours." the lady said.

"Yes." the sailor affirmed. "It does."

"I'm sorry I can't see you off this time." she said as a great orange firework went off.

"It's alright. I wouldn't want you to muck up your face by crying. All that makeup women wear these days. .  . .I don't understand it."

The lady sighed. "I'm one of the few exceptions to the rule of extravagance, silly. I hardly ever wear a lot of makeup."

"I know, I know."

They both chuckled.

"How are Chelly and Johnny?" the sailor inquired, checking his watch again. Eleven fifty-eight.

"They're wonderful." she told him, her eyes shining. "Geoff would have loved to see them."

The only time the observer saw eyes like that was when a mother spoke of her child. So Geoff, a rich man, had died without seeing the faces of his children? Poor woman.
It was sad, espeically for a human. For the observer, he had barely been able to fend for himself after his parents left him. But he had survived.

Now it was eleven fifty-nine.

As the couple stood to watch the grand New Year Finale Blast, the observer noticed the countdown beginning to start, and heard the two siblings count softly with the crowd below.


Soon it would be a new year for them. Which meant that soon the bursts of color in the sky would come in a few seconds. So, the observer decided to spread his wings and fly.

High above, he saw the grand display go off just as one was shouted from below. Fireworks always looked best when viewed from a new angle every time.

This year had the best ones so far.

The End

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