New Years Bash

She walked into the club not sure what to expect. She had never been to the club before. He friend had told her to show up and that he would meet her there. She wasn't sure how he would know it was her because it was a mask party. She knew this would be a fun way to bring in the New Year and she didn't have any other plans for bringing in the New Year. She pulled out her phone when she walked into the club. "Hello. Where are you?" She yelled into her phone.

"I'm over by the curtain rooms with the tables." Pete yelled back to her.

She looked in the directions of curtains and started heading that way.  She walked through the opening and looked around. As she was about to turn away Pete yelled out her name, "Andi, over here."

Lin turned and head toward him. "Hey Pete how long have you been here? And where is LP?"

He went to the bathroom he'll back in a few. So you excited for the New Year?"

“I guess I mean I'm not sure what it is going to bring but yea. I'm excited to see what is going to happen with you and LP. He seems to make you happy."

"He does. I really like him."

Just then LP walked up to the table.  With that the order more drinks for the table.  Just as they were getting their drinks there friend Toya walked in with her boyfriend Rob. Everyone one was there. They were already to have a good time bring in the New Year. Rob and Toya ordered their drinks as well. They all sat and chatted for awhile before they heard a song that they wanted to dance to. A few drinks in they heard the song that they knew would all get them up to dance. She got a dunk came on. They all got up and headed to the dance floor. They made their little circle for them to be able to dance in.  With Pete, Andi, and Toya all dancing in the inner circle and LP behind Pete and Rob behind Toya dancing. All of them shaking their asses on the dance floor just having a good time bringing in the New Year.  Then another song came on and they were still out on the dance floor.  With the next song a man in a mask came up to Andi and started trying to dance with her. She moved away from him thanking him from coming over but turning him down all the same.

Pete pulled away from LP and started to talk in Andi's ear.  "Hey what is it that you have tattooed on your arm, Life waits for no one. They dance with the guys that come up to you have fun, you never know who will be under that mask it could be the man of your dreams."

Andi looked down at her tattoo and looked back and Pete, "Ok ok I’m going to open up more."

Pete moved back over to LP. With that Andi had another guy come up on her and want to dance with her; she looked at Pete and began dancing with the guy.  After the song was over she thanked him for the dance and told her friends that she was going to sit down and get another drink. She walked over to the bar she watched her group to make sure she knew where they were on the floor. She saw Pete use LP's phone, she thought nothing of it. She ordered her drink and began to sip on it. Letting her body cool off and just looking around the club.  A man with a deep voice came up behind her and began talking in her ear. "I saw you on the dance floor and I wanted to ask you to dance."

Andi began to turn around to look at the masked man." Don't look at me yet dance with me first."

She didn't look at the man.  He grabbed her by her waist leading her to the floor. She walked to the center of the floor not near her circle. "She leaned her head back into his body and pointed, "My friends are over there you want to head over there."

"I know where you friends are no I just want to dance with you for now after this song we can head over that way."

"You're so sure that you will make it to another song?"

He chuckled, "I hope I make it to another dance with you."

They began to dance, she finding the rhythm of the song. He pressed his body up to hers once so found the rhythm of the song. She could tell he was taller than her and that his body was in shape.   He had his hands on her hips slowing her body down.  He had slowed their dance down so that she was able to but her head on his chest.

Pete looked around the room, "Where are they?"

LP knew who he was looking for, "Let her have fun. You know she will tell you later."

Pete knew he didn't know, but that was one of Pete's friends that he had wanted to set up with Andi but he just needed a good way to do it this way the way for him to get them to meet.

Andi looked back over to her group the man followed her eyes. He saw that she was looking at her group. He pulled his body away from hers', "Let' head over to your friends so they don't get worried."

He let go of her hips not wanting make her uncomfortable.  Andi turned to him and stopped him in his tracks, “What your name?" She looked upon the man that she was dancing with. From what she could tell the man had brown sugar colored skin, bluish green eyes, and light brown hair. She smiled as she waited for his answer. 

"My name is Lee. And yours?" Lee had already known what her name was. Pete had told him the day that he asked Lee if he wanted to go to the club.

"Andi, nice to meet."

She walked up to her group as they were dancing, "Hey guy this is Lee."

They all stopped to say hey to Lee and introduced themselves. "Hey guys do you want to head back over to the table and get more drinks?"

They all headed back to the table with Lee. They all ordered another round. Andi and Lee started talking. Every once and a while she would see Pete looking at her and smiling. After a couple of drinks they went back to the dance floor. It was 11:45 and they didn't want to miss the ball dropping.  They began to dance again until they turned the music down and put on Time Square for the ball to drop.  With their 20 seconds left they all watched the screen. Lee loosely around her waist. She placed her hand on his.  “Is it ok if I kiss you at midnight? I don't want to over step myself."

Andi had never had someone want to kiss her at midnight.  She looked at Pete, he pointed to where her tattoo was, "Yea you can kiss me," she said. 

They began to count down, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year. Lee turned Andi around and kissed her.

Andi wasn't thinking it was going to be anything that big but when he kissed her she melted. His lips were as pillows and a juicy peach. She began to get more into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. Lee pulled her closer.    Pete and Toya began to watch Lee and Andi kiss. Andi could hear Pete, Toya, Rob and LP in the background. With she pulled away from Lee and looked at the friends and looked back at Lee, "Sorry about that I didn't mean to hold you captive."

"No you good. I haven't been kissed like that in a long time, it awakened my senses.

She smiled at him not sure what to say, "Happy New Year." She turned to her friends and wished them a Happy New Year and gave them all hugs. With that the music started back up. Andi walked over to the bar to get some water. After Lee watched her walk over to the bar he walked over to her. "Hey Andi, I don't know about you but when I was kissing you I felt something and I wanted to know if you want to go out with me sometime?"

Andi looked at him..."Yea I'll go on a date with you."

They both walked back over to the group. Anid had a big smile on her face as did Lee. Lee gave Pete a thumb up as they walked back toward the group. LP saw the thumbs up, "Pete why was he giving you the thumbs up?"

Pete turned to LP, "Because I set them up. Me and Lee work together. I have been telling you how I wanted to set Andi up with him remember. Well this is how I did it. Blind dates are awkward and I knew she wouldn't do it so this is how I did it."

Toya looked over to Andi, "Girl what are you so happy for? I haven't seen you smile like that in a very long time.

"I'll tell you later Toya."

"Well whatever it is keep it up."

They continued to dance.

LP pulled Pete over to the side. "Pete do you think that she will be mad at you?"

"No why? I do this to her all the time."

"Yea but not like this. She is going into this with a different mindset then when you set her and the guy up together. I don't know if she will like this."

"Don't worry baby." Pete kissed him and they headed back to the group. 

At the end of the night Andi and Lee exchanged numbers before leaving.

The End

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