It's Steve, you're just REALLY drunk

Form out of the shadows comes an equally drunk Steve. He slowly bobs and weaves his way over to you. "Bill? Billy boy bo bob...*hic*...What 'er ya doin in a alley *hic*?"

"Going home, just like you should be doin' too"

"Nah," Steve says with a wave of his hand, "You's an' me oughta go an' party s'more."

"If I don't go to shleep now, I'll end up passin' out. Beshidesh, I'll be lucky to be able to get outta bed tomorrow, an' sho will you."

"Fine, ya party pooper. Go on an' go t'bed. I'll shee ya Monday." Steve turns to go back the way he came and disappears back down the alley.

Time to that's not right.; that's the place.

The End

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