New Year, New Life

You're attacked from behind by some kind of monster...but what? Have you been bitten by a vampire or a werewolf? How will you chose to live?


Everyone at the party starts to try and sing, but no one really knows the words so it ends up sounding more like, "Lah daah dee dah, dee daah de dah, uhh dee dah uhh UH uhh..."

The rest of the night flows by in a drunken blur full of great memories that will be soon forgotten. As the party starts to draw to a close in the wee hours of the night you stumble zig-zaggidly down the street in the directoin you vaguely think your house is in.

A wind blows down the street, and though you inegriated haze you come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to get indoors pretty soon. An alley comes into view and you think thank goodness. It's the alley you've taken several hundred times to save a couple of minuets when in a rush to your house.

You turn down the little side street and you're happy that now the buildings around you are blocking off that pestering wind. As you shamble deeper into the alley the light from the street lights becomes less and less useful. Only a few paces ahead of you there is an area of solid darkness that the streetlights of both streets are unable to undarken.

You pass into the shadows and everything goes black for a moment. Something catches you foot, and you fall back into the light with a cardboard box over you sneaker.

"Shtupid boxsh," you slur.

You get up, aftter falling back down the first two trys, and continue toward the exit of the alley. That's when you hear a foot step behind you.

"Shteve, ish that you, ya ol' prankshter?"

You stare back at the shadow patch you had come from. You can tell that something is there, but the shape most certainly doesn't look like Steve by what you can tell; something just didn't look right for it to be Steve

The End

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