were am i

were am i         by liz ware

After Opening and closing my heavy eyes whilst falling back into oblivion and then starting up again I finally forced myself to reluctantly wake up.

I knew something was wrong the moment I finally fully opened my eyes. My head throbbed and my arms ached, as my eyes adjusted to the light and the slight fuzziness dimmed I could make out a drip attacked to my arm and beeping machines around my bed.

I shot up into a sitting position swearing repetitively

I let my eyes wander around in the extremely and completely white room and saw a thin, large television mounted on the wall opposite me, there was also a nice looking white plastic desk that had a very slim unlabeled closed laptop placed in the centre along with a pile of paper and some stationary all lined up perfectly in a line next to it, there was two closed frosty glass doors in opposite corners on another wall and I went to inspect what was on the other side, I looked down to my bare feet and looked at the flooring beneath them, it was frosted glass again like the doors making it imposable to see what was on the other side to obvious here was something there.

As I got up I felt a stinging pain to my left hand as I pulled on the wire that was inserter above my middle knuckle and had a long tube leading to a bag filled with clear liquid above the bed, I perched my bum on the corner of the bed and went to pull the tubing from my hand.

It took about 5 tries to actually touch the little pink flip lid and about the same again to actually move it and as I did the sharp stinging pain started and I would have to start again, I have had operations before and I knew what it was and that it was to administer antibiotics, water and to put the stuff in to make you fall unconscious.

I decided to remove it fast and before I could talk myself out of it I pulled on the pink bung causing the rest, including the piece of tape that had been keeping it down to rip off too. I chucked the piece of plastic onto the floor making the bag it was connected to fall down of the hock it was perched on and splat loudly on the floor, luckily it didn’t burst.

I examined my hand and there was a red bubble forming on the surface of blood, I tried to wipe it away but just caused it all to smear around my knuckles as another bubble formed,

I stood up happy that I was now free to Rome.

Trying not to get any blood on the white surfaces I pushed on the door knob on one of the closest doors and let is smoothly swing open to unveil a very clean bathroom, I walked wobbly as I was still a little dizzy and went over to the square cut mirror that was placed on the wall above a big glass bowl that could only be classed as a sink because of the silver tap sprouting from the wall and bending down to point into the bowl.

I turned one of the knobs that was labelled cold and placed my hand under the stream of water that was turning pink after contacting the blood, after I was convinced that my hand was clean from blood and the little hole wasn’t producing blood as much as before I turned off the water and shook the remanding water off.

Inside the room there was also a toilet that again was only a bowl attacked to the wall but this one was more oval so you could sit on it without falling through, it had a tube on the underside and a little button on the wall next to it obviously to flush, the was also another glass door opposite to the one I has just come from and I went over to see where it leaded to.

On the other side was a long thin room with empty transparent shelves and silver railings against either side of the corridor like room, this room had a light cream carpet that was extremely thick and let your feet sink effortlessly into it.

“Welcome Elizabeth” said a voice from behind me and I shot around to see who belonged to the very robotic and absolutely accent less voice

The look of pure horror, worry and stomach turning scardness must have shown on my face because the man stood at the entrance of the wardrobe suddenly looked... sorry

“I apologise dearly Elizabeth... I never expected to startle you” I didn’t know what to say, I felt really stupid as tears started to fall onto my hot cheeks causing an uncomfortable stinging pain to start under my eyes.

“We...w...were... am i?”

“HOME” is all the tall man in front of me said in return

As I gazed at him questionable I started to notice that I recognised his face... although I was certain I didn’t know him... He seemed familiar... like I had seen his features before.

The End

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