woken           by liz ware

“Heart rate increasing... she’s coming around...”

“Elizabeth can you hear me... hello my name is Tomas, I’m just going to pull some tubing out from down your throat... it may scrape a little... you ready everyone... ok and one... two...”

I couldn’t move but I could feel everything all the cold hands fiddling around my face and chest, I ready wanted to open my eyes but I couldn’t, I felt like I had a building on top of me and it was pushing me into the surface beneath, I wanted to scream from the pain as what felt like a knife was been pulled up my throat cutting me wildly on its journey.

“There we go”

 I felt helpless unable to move and talk, what is happening I was just walking my dog and now I’m in complete darkness in crippling pain, there was what felt like 1000 freezing cold hands moving around my body, prodding and poking and putting more cold things on my skin, which just added to the pressure that was placed on top of me, every muscle in my body hurt.

“Elizabeth you should start to get function of your body back soon, would you be able to wiggle your fingers if you understand me” I tried to do as I was told but even the slightest movement felt was the greatest task, but managed to move them slightly hoping he noticed.

“Elizabeth... when  you feel able to move i still need you to be able to stay as still as possible unless i say otherwise because you are still hooked up to a machine that is helping your heart and if you pull it off we will have to connect it again and it won’t be pleasant for you.. Can you do that for me...?

I wiggled my fingers this time a bit more than before to indicate I understood, my senses where starting to get sharper and I could smell the strong bleach in the room and hear something metal rattling in the distance.

“I’m just going to add some morphine into the drip feed in your hand... it may feel a bit tingly as it enters your veins but it shouldn’t hurt.. Ok... there we go... wiggle your thumb if you are still in considerable pain Elizabeth please”

I was still extremely uncomfortable but I wasn’t in pain anymore, now i concentrated on what could have happened, did I faint and hit my head or had someone or something attacked me?

Whatever did happen it couldn’t have been good, my vision was going from black to fuzzy and I could start to make out the white shapes that was moving around too fast for my head ache to handle, I was blinking rapidly trying to clear my vision so I could see where I was, but it wouldn’t work

“Your sight will return on its own in a moment, would you be able to say so when you can see me please”

“Ok” was all I managed to crock out, my throat felt like I hadn’t had a drink in months

 I did as I was told and was completely ecstatic because I could now bend my arm and move my hand completely, I was trying to not spread my arm out to much in case I knocked something over, all I could see was different shades, and wasn’t sure how close everything was, it was so weird moving and not quite sure how I looked when I did so.  

I was trying to imagine what I was doing while I wiggles my wrist in the air above my head, trying hard to clear my sight, although the harder I tried the more my head thumped.

With every sore pant  the heavy pressure slightly lifted and I wasn’t in as much pain as before. I closed my eyes and took in three large deep breaths trying to reduce my head ack

I’m not sure if it was the drugs that was doing it or not but it seemed to work, I opened my eyes and suddenly closed them again as a bright light was shon into my face

“Sorry Elizabeth I just need to have a look at the pupils of your eyes is that ok”

“O..K” I said still scratchily

“ I opened my eyes reluctantly as a thin light that I suppose belonged to a hand torch was shun into one of my eyes and then flashed on and off a couple of times before onto the other and them back onto the first again

“Ok they look normal how is your sight Elizabeth”

“Getting.. Better.. But still...” I really wanted to finish off the sentence but couldn’t I suddenly was struggling to breath and the same pressure returned to my chest pushing on it roughly, making long, empty rasps of air leave my mouth

“arr... it... hurts”

“Ok I need two milligrams of...”

And then the dark blanket returned and everything went quite... painfully and bitterly quite

The End

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