new world

' if children are the furure then were going to have to do something'
lizzie finds heself on a isolated island run by people trying to change the worlds future by changing the next generation.
what will happen when she tries to escape along with her new found frends....

A dangerous walk      by liz ware

“Rosie... Rosie... you don’t have to smell every frigging bush... Rose... come on”

I stormed over to my golden retriever  who was going in circles around a spiky brown bush, with her bum in the air and her nose brushing across the floor,

I was just about to grab her collar when she shot up and ran off down the random public path through the next muddy short cut, I say random because it starts out of no were and is placed in the middle of no were, 

As i pulled my foot out of the mud beneath my shoe i begain searching my head for the reason i walk here, before realising its because you will never see anyone else, I think I’m possibly the only one who even knows it  exists,

and i find it a perfect place to just chill and breath, plus it gets me out the house and I’m walking the dog which keeps my mum happy.

It would all be peaceful if it wasn’t for the fact the dog is always having to check out the smells whenever she is off the lead and I spend most of my time walking back on myself to pull her away from the bush of tuff of grass that she’s come across ,

Although she could probably walk herself by now as she knows the circuit better than I do, it’s quite clever how she knows when to stop for me to put her on her lead before a road and where to stop when I’m going to take her back of it, then she starts with her sniffing stuff, I suppose most dogs are smart but it still amazes people.

I crossed over the wide brown rusty bridge that was hovering over a trash filled muddy ditch, and I began to wonder, what would happen if you stood in the brown disgusting water below, it wasn’t deep enough too drown in, but you would probably just sink in and get trapped in the sloppy mud that was under the layers of rubbish.

I was walking down the opposite side of the ditch as before and down a long path that was created by the tree filled woods that was stationed on either side of it,

happily mumbling away to the music that was playing loudly through my iphone that was sat under my bra strap,

I was suddenly aware that I was weirdly walking particularly fast and decided to slow down so Rosie could catch up as she is getting quite old and can’t walk as fast as she could when she was a pup,

I turned around and searched the surroundings to try and see her but she wasn’t there, I took out the ear piece that was playing a song that I had never heard of,

but was probably my dad’s favourite song, mainly screaming and allot of guitar solos, yes defiantly my dads’.

“Rosie... oh come on girl... where are ya”

I shot round to see what had just caused the loud crunching sound, I wasn’t scared as I was probably just Rosie, 

But I couldn’t have been more wrong because before my eyes could adjust to the black blur rushing in front of me, I felt a crippling pain to my head and then the cold darkness plunged around me, suffocating me under its thick foggy blanket.

The End

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