The Perfect Night

Based off of Kiki's Delivery Service

I dove under my bed, where was it? It wasn’t under the bed.  I knew that, I had checked earlier, three times. I stood up and spun around. My dresser drawers were all pulled open and nearly empty, my desk was open and similarly cleared out. My room was a wreck and I still could not find it!

Sorry I don’t want to get carried away. My name is Tarah, and I’m a witch in training, tonight I’m leaving home for the traditional year of training that every witch has to do after her thirteenth birthday. I turned thirteen last week, and the full moon is tonight. The thing I’m looking for so frantically is my lucky charm necklace that my mom just gave me for my birthday. It’s a small green stone that apparently has magical powers. I’ve got to find it, my mom is going to kill me!

            “Honey?” That was my mom, calling up the stairs. “Are you packed yet? You know I want to go over a few things with you before tonight!”

            “Not yet Mom! I’m almost done though!” I called back, hoping she wouldn’t come in to see the catastrophe I had made of my room. I was not almost done with packing, my suitcase was still on my bed, unopened. An idea occurred to me just then and I leaped up off the floor and yanked open the suitcase. There it was, glittering and innocent. I clasped it around my neck. You’re staying there for at least the next year! I thought to it. The small crystal gleamed as if in agreement. I smiled; it did seem intelligent at least.

Speaking of intelligent, I bet you’re wondering about my cat, yes I have a cat, he’s a small black thing that’s always wandering off to somewhere, his name is Riley.

Now that I wasn’t in panic mode, I turned to survey my room. I decided that, since I’ll mostly be wearing my witch’s dress, I won’t need too much, I started to put away all the things I had just thrown onto the floor, I folded the clothes carefully and tried to make everything as neat as possible. I packed at the same time, putting things right into my bag. When I was done I closed up my suitcase and looked at the room one last time.

Now that it’s clean, I can describe it nicely. It has sunny yellow walls, a large window overlooking the field that my house sits on, as well as the front driveway. There’s a bookshelf and desk on either side of the window and a bed on the wall across from the door. A round, light green rug covers the wood floor. A dresser sits across from the window, all closed up now. Suddenly I heard footsteps from the hallway, I spun towards the door to see my mother, holding up a deep purple dress. My witch’s dress, another tradition.

“Try this on one last time, I think it’s almost perfect.” I obliged, then stood still as she made a few adjustments to the hem stitching. “Do you remember your recipes?” She asked as she sewed. I nodded, then tapped my head.

“I have most of them memorized, but I have my notes in my bag just in case.”

“And you remember what I said about flying? Keep a firm grip, use the wind to help you, don’t fly in a thunderstorm, and not too high or low.” I nodded, I had learned all this already, and I considered myself an excellent flyer.

“I know Mom, stop worrying; I’ll be home before you know it!” I added the last part as encouragement to myself, as well as to my mother.

“There all done.” My mom stood up, my dress was perfect. It was a simple cut, with a loose neckline and three-quarter sleeves. It gathered at my waist and fell in folds to just past my knees. I gave a spin and felt the skirt flare out a bit, twisting around my knees when I stopped.

“It’s perfect mom!” I ran to her, giving her a hug. Just as I let her go I felt something move against my ankle.

“Nice dress Tarah.” Riley said, looking up at me.

“Thank you Cat. Where have you been all day?” I put my hands on my hips and gave him a glare.

“I’ve been saying my goodbyes. A lot of cats are going to miss me you know.” He drawled, as only a cat can.

“Leaving behind a string of broken hearts are you?” I laugh and scoop up the little cat, giving him a scratch behind his ears. Riley just meowed at my question and laid his head against my arm, enjoying the scratching.

The rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful. My mom and I went over the Plan: Find a town settle in and start up a business of Alchemy and Potion making, write once a month at least, stuff like that. I said good bye to my dad, gave my final goodbyes to my friends and then, it was midnight.

I held my broom close, I had my bag over my shoulder and Riley was by my side. The clock had just rung midnight, but my watch only said 11:59 so I was waiting the extra minute. I took a deep breath.

“Well, good bye everybody, I’ll be back in a year’s time!” I swung a leg over my broom, waited for Riley to jump on too, and kicked off.

Everything fell away, my nerves, my mother’s worries, everything. I was flying, nothing compared to that feeling. I stopped rising, took a deep breath and looked down. My house was a tiny beacon in a dark field.

I turned on the light that I had clipped onto my broom, I clicked it on and off a few times, knowing everyone was watching, then, clicking it on permanently, I leaned the broom west.

Time to find a town.

The End

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