New ReignMature

Shard a slave in a mining facility on the plane Taurus 15, comes across a special mineral, and out of curiosty touches where he gains unbelievable powers.

"Work you Bloody Runts." A semi self aware slave driving robot grunts while whipping my fellow kin with a electrified whip a few fall down dead, some stumble and writhe in pain.  I kept going knowing if I looked back and tried to help I could die. I don't know how many years I have spent down here but enough to forget what is like to have light from a sun on my home planet. I'm also slowly losing my memory of the one vivid colours of my home planets flora.  I look down a dark tunnil dimly lit by head lamps and the occasional overhead light or the glow of a powerconduit and the occasional cutting torche.  I take careful steps down hot stick steps filled with deadly chemicals eating away at my already rotting away boots.

I knew from the very sight of this god forsaken mine I was gonna die in here, but everyday I try a bit harder to cling to life.  I pick up a cutting torch and begin to chip away at  the dark stone. I was mining for this orange glowing stone that powered many of todays lazer weapons. It was the equivalent one kilo = 1000 credits and in this mine I think we pull out and average of 100 000 kilos a week and since slaves don't have to be paid its like pure profit.  As I keep cutting away at the red stone my body aches and cries, the air thinning around me. I stood up I had to evacuate if I wanted  to live I turn around and I see a shining blue light.

The End

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