Part II


            “The white rabbit represents a choice one of you will soon have to make, one that you will not want to make,” Mama said, quickly moving on to the fourth card before the couple could react.  The fourth card had a woman holding the hand of a small child.

            Mama looked up at Margaret and could see desperation in her eyes as if she wished she’d not reveal what she saw.  Mama now knew what the secret was that Margaret was hiding but her gift was not to be used as a counselor but rather a truth teller.

            “The fourth card tells me that the young woman here is with child,” Mama stated, pointing at Margaret.  A small laugh left Charles’ mouth.

            “Oh that’s impossible, Mama,” he chuckled.  “I’ve been gone for almost three months now.  Not to insult you, ma’am, but that’s just plain silly” he replied as he looked over at his future bride.  He expected to see her laughing, but instead there were tears.  She fell silent.

            “Margaret?  Why are you crying?  Don’t let this silly colored woman upset you like that,” he said, reaching for her hand but instead she pulled away.

            “Margaret?  Tell the woman she’s wrong and we can be out of here and forget this,” he said.  A feeling in his gut knew what she was about to say but he didn’t want to believe it.

            “Charles, I, uh I-I, well, I don’t really know how to tell you this.  I had actually had hope I wouldn’t have to tell you this,” Margaret began as her chest began heaving in sobs.  She continued, “Well, you see, when you left I was destroyed and cried for days.  I couldn’t bear being without you, even for a short time.  Julia thought it best if we’d go out to a show to help ease my mind.  And well, after the show we met two idiot guys.  And well, it was an accident; it was ju-“her sobs stopped her from finishing.  She tried wrapping her arms around him but he pulled away and stood up.  He looked down at Margaret, his eyes filled with betrayal. He mouthed the word thank you to Mama then stormed out of the shop into the empty New Orleans night.  Margaret quickly got up chasing after him screaming for him to wait.  Her cries drifted off into the darkness.

            Mama Billie shook her head in disgust.  “These girls nowadays are only thinkin’ about themselves,” she said aloud to herself.  About to get up she saw the last card sitting there and her curiosity over turned it.  On it was a dark raven with eyes as black as sin.  She grasped her mouth as the word left her lips, “Death.” 



The End

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