You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

I returned to the Cullen's house angry, wet, and even more angry. I was in fact to angry to notice Edward balled up in the corner dry-sobbing. To angry to notice Emmett and Rose having an argument. And to angry to notice that Carlisle and Esme weren't there. I stomped to my new room and slamed the door.

If I knew that this was going to happen I would never have come into this stupid book in the first place. My room was empty, just like me. I had nothing inside me. I was hollow. Wow, look at the irony. Thats how Bella felt in this book after Edward left, and I made fun of her for it. Now look at me. I'm almost as pathetic as her.

I just couldn't sit here and sulk. I needed to do something. I ran downstairs to Edward and nudged him with my foot. "Get up. We're going to go do something." I said. If i had to deal with losing everything I had ever loved he could afford to do something besides crying. "Why?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and picked him up.

"Becasue you can't just sit here and sulk. Believe me I know how you feel, but we need to get over things and move on." He shook his head as I said this. I was angry now. "Fine! If you want to sit here then go ahead! I'm going out!" Connellsville had a great resturaunt named Bud Murphey's. I could use a beer right about now. But then again, did I really want to be around humans?

My life is way more complicated then i hoped it would be. Maybe I would leave the Cullens. Maybe I would go track that girl Victoria and... no wait! I know what i'll do. I'll go find her friend Laurant (or something like that) and I would warn him 'bout the wolves. I always wondered what would happen if he didn't get killed.

But should I say goodbye or should I just leave? That's a simple question anyone should know that answer to. Leave.

The End

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