Ah Crap!

Ah crap! I stepped in a huge puddle of mud. Pretty stupid for a vamp. Maybe I should go back to the house. Edward was talking to Bella by now and I had to go meet him at her house. I ran to the house and grabbed  the extra pare of pants Alice had saved for me. She's the best, sister, friend, thing... I threw my old jeans in the woods. I stole them from Rosalie anyway.

Edward was waiting for me at Bella's. We ran back to his house to get his car. I was tired (not physically) and I just wanted to sit down and relax. Edward looked like he was about to break down any minute. I told him I would drive but he said he was fine. I think he's still  cheesed at me for alomost eating his girlfriend. Excuse me, ex-girlfriend.

Edward started sobbing. I sighed and told him to pull over. He refused. I made him pull over so I could take the wheel. A very, very, long time later, we arrived in our new home. Connellsville, Pennsylvania. My home town. Never thought I'd be here again. To my surprise it was exactly like it was in real life. Crappy, vacent, and smelly.

But it was my home, and I would take it... even if it was a piece of crap. Maybe my home was here. I dropped edward off at our new house (literally dropped) and hurried in the direction of my house. To my disapointment it wasn't there. That was really strage. Maybe I altered the space time... thingy... uh. I don't know what it's called.

I'm not a science geek. I was failing science for gosh sakes... I'm getting off topic. The point is, it's not there and I'm PO'd . It's just a vacant lot. But my neighbors' houses are here. Stupid freaken science. I always knew that their was nothing good about education.

The End

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