Bella's B-day

I sighed as I put the last flower into the vase. Alice went over board with this. It was just a birthday party. It was going to be ruined anyway. I could change it. Make Bella let me open the presents. But I'm not going to. If I did the whole story would be changed and who knows what would happen.

I heard a car pull up. "They're here." I called. I knew everyone would hear me. In a secind everyone was standing in the living room. I could hear Edward laughing. I tiptoed to the corner. I didn't want to get in the middle of this. Bella hugged everyone (except me) and sat down in a chair.

Alice gave her the gifts. They went through the whole radio thing for her truck and Bella picked up the present from Edward. I thought I would be fine with the blood, but apparently I wasn't. Jasper and I darted for her at the same time. Emmett grabbed me a second before I would have grabbed Bella.

Emmett dragged me outside. Everyone except Edward, Carlisle, and Bella were outside. I sat down on the ground and curled my knees up to my chest. I can't believe that I just tried to attack someone, again. That's the third time this month. At least now I wouldn't be around her for awhile. I wouldn't have to go to school or be social with humans.

And if I thought Bella was mad at me before, I don't want to get near her for a little while.

The End

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