NeW MOoN (My Version)

Book two in the series Twylite My Version. Enjoy. Also please read the first one before reading this. Other wise you'll have no idea what's happening.

The bright sun filled the clearing with it's golden rays. What a wonderful day. As I walked across the beautiful, grassy, green meadow, I thought to myself, How lucky am I, to live in this wonderful world... Okay, stop right there. I do not talk like that. If you want a story about how wonderful and awsome life is, then go read another book you jack wagon.

This is how it really went. The bright sun hurt my eyes really freaken bad. I forgot my sunglasses at the house. I was sparkling like a freaken I don't know what. Now I'm not saying my whole life sucks and I hate everything. But right then my life did suck and I hated the sun. I don't know why Edward loved this meadow so much.

I'd think he was gay if he wasn't dating Bella. At least it wasn't that sunny here. Not even in the summer. But I can't complain. Summer was almost over and you know what that means. School! Yay (sarcasm). High school sucks, big time. And the worst part is, Emmett broke my I-pod during a wrestling match. Okay, I broke it, but still. I can't believe it!

That was the only thing that I love now. Loved. I do still love my parents, but not that much. They aren't even my real parents. I only thought they were. Those retarded, God, danged, son of a guns. I'm not aloud to curse around here in case you were wondering. Anyway, I'm just going to forget my parents.

Because I have no way of getting back. I'm stuck here, as a vampire, forever. Some people, twi-hards for example, would be thrilled. But I am not. Bella doesn't really like me anymore. Neither does Edward. Just because I used my controlling power to make Bella kiss Mike Newton. Now is that so bad. Funny as all hell.

But bad. Maybe. Who cares, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper laughed. I should get back to the present. Edward and Bella were having one of their moments sitting in the middle of the field. Bella was stroking Edward's hand while Edward stared at her soo lovingly. Gag. I really have to get me a boyfriend.

They didn't even notice me as I snuck over to them. "BOO!" I yelled as I snuck up on them. Bella almost had a heart attack. Edward rolled his eyes. I was on the ground laughing at Bella's reaction. She would really hate me now.

Edward glared at me with a dark expression. I discovered that I have five powers. I turned into a little kitten and gave him my best sad face. Yes, I can shape shift. Cool, huh. Edward's face didn't change. Fine, I turned into a big black crow and flew away. I spotted a deer running threw the woods. Time for dinner.

I dove down and turned into myself as I got close, and the deer collapsed as I sunck me teeth into it's neck.

The End

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