Pain. That was all I could feel. It clouded my vision and made my ears ring. It was all I could do stop from screaming. But the two girls were asleep, and there was no point in waking them up...what would it accomplish? Nothing. 

I had woken up about half an hour ago because my dreams had been to painful too bear any longer. Not that being awake was better by much. The door burst open and the guy who had tortured me came in, I thought I heard a rustle from Valencia, but maybe I just imagined it. "So kid, you ready for some more? Or do you want to admit that it was really the girl and be over with it?" He asked. 

I groaned...hadn't he done enough? "Come here," I said. He came over and I spat in his face, "I'll take more, kill me if you want to, see if I frigging care." 

The man angrily unhooked me from the table, and dragged me along, breaking open freshly scabbed wounds and I nearly screamed. "Oh no boy," he growled, "You aren't going to die...much worse for you...much worse." 

He dragged me to yet another room, this one had a table loaded with all kinds of food and drink. My mouth began to water, and my stomach made a deep growling sound; reminding me that it had been two days since my last meal...and that hadn't been much of one either. He threw me into a seat with a plate, cup, and utensils all laid out and chained my hands to the table, the chain was just long enough to keep me from reaching the nearest foodstuffs.

Then he sat down in front of me and began to load his plate, "Hungry boy?" he asked. I didn't move or respond in any way. "You know," he continued, "all you have to do is admit that it was the girl in there, and I'll give you as much of this as you can possibly stomach."  Again I refused to respond in any way. I sat completely still, breathed through my mouth, and looked off into space. The man shrugged, "Your loss." Then he started to eat noisily, every once in a while he stopped to comment on how good this food or that drink was; then continued eating when he got no response from me. 

About an hour later he stood up, "You've passed the tests boy," he said then he unchained my hands and left the room. 

The tests? That's what all this had been! I still felt pain in every part of my body! That was a test! Who were these people! I looked at the food, was it poisoned? At this point I didn't really care, I was starving, I ate everything I could get my hands on, then I drank down a whole liter and a half of water. After I had had my fill, I began to fill my pocket's with dry things that wouldn't make a mess of my pockets for the two girls who hadn't eaten yet. The man reappeared at the door and I sat down hastily. He had a first aid kit in his hands, and he came and tied me up the way I had been tied for torture yesterday. 

Instead of torturing me however, he started to apply soothing creams and bandages. He took off my shirt and made an appreciative noise, "You have quite a physique boy," he commented as he tapped one of the few uninjured spots on my chest. Then he continued to apply the bandages. When he was done he gave me an aspirin and brought me back to the room and tied me to the table. I noticed though, that he didn't tie the knots on one of my hands tight enough before he left. 

When he was gone I immediately began to work the knot loose. It came loose about an hour later, and I quickly stuffed my hand into my pockets, the food was still there. "Wh-what did they do to you?" Jessica asked in a small voice. 

"It doesn't matter," I replied. Then I took my hand out of my pocket taking a hunk of bread out with it. "Here," I said as I held it to her mouth, "eat." 

Jessica looked at me with a surprised expression, "What about you?" she asked.

"I already had some, now eat." 

Jessica nodded and took a bite, then another, and another until she had finished. I looked over to Valencia, she was still asleep. "Valencia, wake up," I called.

She blinked sleepily then woke up fully, "What?" she asked. 

"Food," I replied, holding some of the pilfered food to her mouth. She ate it, and I took out some more and fed it to her. 

"Thanks," she said. 

"No problem," I answered, looking away. 

The End

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