I came to with a pounding headache, my thoughts in a blur. "Aspirin, please?" I asked groggily. No answer. This didn't feel like my over-stuffed king-sized bed in a giant room in a giant mansion. It felt hard and cold, not to mention that I felt some sort of restraints on my ankles and-

"Holy-!" I jerked my head up, wincing. My head fell back, hitting the metal with a dull thunk that sounded painfully through my delicate skull. "Valencia! Connor!" I yelled, suddenly awake. Panic coursed through me.

I rocked on the table, the cuffs burning the skin on my wrists and ankles raw. "Jessica?" I heard.

"Valencia!" I cried in sheer joy. I turned my head to see her beside me. I groaned. "Where's Connor?"

She turned her head away from me, but I could hear the tears in her voice. "Your other side." Of course, I turned my head. I drew in a stuttered, shocked gasp.

"Connor...?" I asked. Dripping with blood, groaning in a painful sleep, tortured beyond what I had seen in the few adult movies I had ever been allowed to watch, he lay. "What did they do to him!?" I gasped, trying to yell but only a terrified squeak coming out.

"He was awake only a few minutes ago." Valencia said softly. "At least, I think so. He was incoherant, rambling in his sleep, and then suddenly stopped. He said something like... 'My face', and then stopped shouting."

"How could anyone-!" I asked in an angry whisper. "I do believe that if that was me, I would have been killed. Could they be that heartless, that cruel, that..." I ran out of words.

"He was strong." Valencia said quietly, and I agreed with her.

The End

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