Connor: Trapped...Again.

I woke up with a throbbing head and I was tied to the table again. I felt like screaming, I HATED being cooped up. They can't frigging keep me here! Why do I always go in and be a hero! Dang it! I could have just left! But no...I got all mushy, this is why I work alone for crying out loud! It had been three years since I'd even spoken to anyone! 

I wrenched against my restraints angrily. Pulling as hard as I possibly could, I heard the ropes groan, but I accomplished little else. I pursed my lips tightly, I wasn't going to give those frigging morons anything they wanted. Nothing. Not a single thing. I would show them for treating me like this! I barely held back another scream. Suddenly I just gave up though. It wasn't like me to be so angry...must be because I was cooped up like this. I hated it. Loathed it with a passion. I let out a broken sigh, and put my head back down against the hard surface of the metal bed. 

I used to be nice...once. That was before my sister died. Now I couldn't stand small spaces, and I didn't like getting close to people for fear of losing them. I shook my head violently. NO, I can't think about painful. But it was too late, a tear ran down my cheek but I couldn't wipe it off because my hands were tied down. I screwed my eyes up to prevent anymore from coming. I quickly gained control again and was able to open my eyes. 

The door slammed open and one of the guards I had pummeled stepped in. "Alright, which one of you was the one that hit me?" he asked angrily. He walked up to the Valencia and grabbed a handful of her shirt, "Was it you?" He snarled.

She spat in his face, "Maybe it was," she growled back. 

"Alrighty then, we're gunna have a lot of fun aren't we darling?" He said, then slammed her down hard against the metal bed. Valencia yelped.

"Wait!" I yelled, then, against my better judgement I continued, "I did it." 

"Ahh so it was you ehh?" the guard seemed amused. He ambled over to my bed and took untied , after putting some sort of leash on me, "You're coming with me boy, you're going to take the place of the little imp-girl over there...would have been better for you if you hadn't squealed on yourself." 

"You can't do anything to me that I will regret you monster!" I growled back. 

That made the guard laugh, "We'll just have to see about that."

He brought me into a room and tied me up so that I was in a vertical 'X' shape with my arms and legs spread apart and I hung suspended there with my feet above the ground, and the ropes digging into my wrists. "It's time you paid for your insolence boy," the guard spit at me. 

I held my head up proudly as he took out a cat-o-nine-tails and moved behind me. Every muscle in my body was tensed as I waited for it to fall, "You know boy, you can escape this...all you have to do is admit that it was that imp-girl that did it and  she'll be here instead of you." 


"Have it your way then," the man shrugged, "just remember, if you want this to stop, just give the word and I'll bring you back, and bring her instead." 

I spent several hours in that room. First he whipped me until my back was bleeding heavily, next he had taken a burning hot rod of iron and rolled it over the bottoms of my feet. I hissed in pain as I felt it burning through my skin. He then proceeded to take out a razor blade, after every cut he made, he asked the same question, "You want more? Or shall I get the girl in you stead?" Every time I spat in his face. 

Finally the torture was over, my eyes were swollen and almost shut, my feet were red and blistered, my whole body was a mess of cuts, welts, bruises, and blood. But I had done it. The man took me back to the table and tied me down must have been around three o'clock in the morning. Both the girls were asleep. I eventually fell asleep as well, only to fall into another kind of pain...

Grace! NO! Not my Grace! She was DEAD!

The End

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