Valencia: Just cause I'm a girl.....

That boy, Connor, was getting on my nerves. First he saves me, and I think he could be okay. Then he gets all macho and beats up a guy. on the way out, he beats up more, not even stoping when I almost have one.

By the time we get out of the building, HE tosses a stick at an electric fence. then dcides to pick someone up to turn of the current. He doesn't pick me up, even though I weigh less then some spoiled brat. I haven't eaten more than five bites at a time sine I was 8.

Once we are out, he starts bossing us around. Telling me t get berres and Jessica to climb the tree. Then he runs off.

He isnt gone long before there are foot steps. I can hear them before Jessica can. My life has depended on my instincts for a while now.

I see about six of them charge thrugh the trees. Before they have the chance to realize they found us, Jessica screams. Actually, it is more like a squeak. The one closest to me gets a knee to the groin and when he goes down hard, the others turn to me. I round house kick one and he bites the dust.

Then I am grabbed from behind. From the noise, I can tell essica was too. We get tied up, back to back, and then one monkey with really bad breath asks where the boy is. I atempt to kick him in the gut, but he grabs my leg, twisting it around.

Then I see Connor standing behind some trees. He turns around like he is going to run away. Then I guess he changes his mind since he runs TOWARDS the circle instead.

The End

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