I was scared. "Who- who're you?" I asked. The girl strapped down on the table next to me wore very ragged looking clothes, and she didn't seem all that scared. Or at least she was hiding it.

"Valencia. You?"

"I'm Jessica..."

"Where'd they drag you from?"

"The garden- from my parent's mansion. I'm almost glad to be somewhere else. As long as they aren't going to keep us in cages and torture us."

"I assure, you, miss, you will be treated with great respect." The man in the lab coat said. I saw he had been watching and listening us talking. I snorted.

"Respect?" I snarled. Valencia answered similarily. I tried to find a comfortable spot to sit, but the cage was not the best place to find comfort. I tried to stay still, hoping she, a girl from the street, wouldn't look too distainfully on me.

Finally I sighed, leaning my head against the side of the cage. I was so tired. I actually found a half-way comfortable position, and I started dozing.

"Jessica." the man said. "Valencia."

"Whatever." I said. "I don't think that needs any more elaboration."

The End

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