Valencia: Another

The monkey men are bringing in another cage.

Inside is a girl, and she looks really scared. I am scared too, but I can hide it better. A man in a lab coat comes in and smiles at us. The girl looks at me, and I can see the fear in her eyes.

"Welcome, Girls. You are two of the chosen ones." he says it as if it should impress us.

"How can I be a chosen one if you didn't know I had survived the past five years?" My throat is sore, and my voice is a harsh whisper. Even then, he looks slightly fearful.

"You have been chosen because you survived for so long on your own. She was chosen because she is not a snooty preppy girl, as you say today, even though she is rich."

I look at her again, and see that her clothes are simple, hinting at high price tags, but not screaming it.

Oh, great. I will have to work with someone from that side of the city.

The End

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