I was sitting outside in the garden when a big, black-suited man came in. "Who are you?" I asked, pointedly. "As far as I recall, I do not know you. Did my parents allow you in?" He grabbed my arm, and I screamed. I felt a hard whack on the back of my head and then everything went black.


I was in a cage. I felt like a budgie. "Who would be the one as ignorant enough to put me in a cage like an animal?" I got no reply. I could see little between the bars of the cage. I muttered under my breath. Suddenly I felt the cage being lifted up, and I could see movement.

I realised there was a drape over the cage. It was taken off, and I could see more clearly someone carrying the cage. I again felt like a budgie. Movement stopped. I tried to stand up as best I could. Suddenly the door opened.

I tried to run out, dodging the men in black suits. Suddenly I tripped over a loose shoe lace. Without help from anyone else, I once again blacked out.

The End

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