I have no idea what time it is when I am finally taken. The only thing that I can use to judge time is the garish plastic trays that hold the megar amounts of sustenance. I am greatful, even for a fist sized chunk of over cooked meat and a teacup of smelly water.

It is consistant, and for that I am thankful. I am used to eating a lot when I can, and later going days without anything. After seven trays come and go, I know I have been her long enough for me to begin to weaken. My muscles quiver from lack of use.

The man, who told me his name was Dan, left a while ago. A suited woman stared him down, and he came easily. I pray they don't think this will work on me.

And they don't. I know they are coming for me when three muscle men come out, side by side, with tasers. They head for me, one of them carrying a rod with a loop on the end. A cage is suspened in the air about five inches off the ground behind them.

A little while later.....

My head aches. My whole body aches. I keep my breathing even, controling my heart. I can feel wires attached to me. I can feel the sharp cold of the metal table under my body. How long have I been out of it? What did they do to me while I was unconcious?

I hear nothing, and decide I am alone. I try to shift my weight and feel soft restraints around my wrists, ankles, and waist. I am trapped.

The End

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