Valencia: Caged

It turns out, that I can't fight very well when I am being repeatedly shocked and knocked out. Hmmmmm...... Go Figure.

Anyway, the monkey man shocks me into a carrier. The shocks them selves don't hurt, but the messages they send to my brain are confusing. I can't move my body, and that scares me. I depend on my body's strength and flexability. Without it, I would be dead several times over again.

I look through the holes in the side, and watch as we move past security, through several hallways painted puke green, and finally stop in some room, filled with twosomes like us.

There are about ten other monkey men, and each one has a carrier. One even has two.

I hate them all, even though I don't know them. Just the fact of what they chose for a living is enough reason to hate thier guts. The chubby dude that kidnapped me chooses the biggest, overstuffed chair in the whole room.I am guessing it is some kind of waiting room.

Slowly, time passes. And with it go all the men, and the cages with them. By the time my captor gets off his fat behind, I am cramping up from being in a space so small. This thing is just a cat carrier. No big fancy rolling cage fit for a teen age girl to be stuffed into.

He gets up, and a woman in a skirt-suit thing says, "Hey Rolof, What have you got today?"

"I got Einar, that girl that ran away five years ago."

The sound of scribling comes from her pen as she writes this information on her clipboard. We are past her, but the monkey man, excuse me Rolof, seems to know where to go. Just another reason to hate him. I am not his first.

The next thing I know, I am in front of a wall of cages. The only thing I can compare it to, is a kennal. There are human beings in cages, that look as if they have been beaten.

I get tossed into one beside an empty cage, and a man of about twenty.

Oh, great. More human contact....

The End

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