Valencia: Trapped

Well, this could be better. It turns out, they did ID me. They found out my name was Einar. But, what they don't know, is that that name is dead and gone. My name is now Valencia.

The stupid woman at the orphanage named me Einar. It means Lone warrior. It is a boys name. She named me Einar because I wouldn't listen and everyone thought I was a boy. Stupid nun. Thought it would teach me a lesson. I have no idea why.

I turn up on a street in the middle of the Market on Produce day. After five years of being presumed dead, everyone is shocked I have survived. I am stronger than the average girl. Living on my own has taught me many things the dumb nuns don't know themselves.

When the truck stops, I scamper on my hands and knees to the back corner, farthest from the door that is just know sliding open. I see the monkey and he sees me. I can tell by his smile, which reveals several teeth replaced by porcelain. Probably kicked in by some vagrant like me. That is all I am to him. A prize to be collected.

I wonder what I'm worth?

We will see soon. His grubby hand reaches toward me, either trying to knock me out, or frighten me. It won't work either way. I have won fights with dogs ten times tougher than this overstuffed bag of flesh. I smile to myself. This could actually be fun...

The End

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