New life, New York .

Madison Cooper is a 14 years old who is going for the first time to the greatest Experience in her life - a new boarding school for outstanding students in New York - far away from her hometown, Arizona . this is her diary .

Madison Cooper's diary

Sunday, August 30th, 13:00.

Four hours before flight...

Hello, dear diary. 

My name is Madison. Madison Cooper. My mom bought you as a present. What present? You would ask, if you could only talk. But you can't, so I'll tell you anyway. Well, she bought you two days before I left my Warm and cozy home in Phoenix, Arizona, and flew all the way to New York. Why? you would probably ask, so I'll tell you the whole story : one day, about two months before summer vacation, I got a letter from "Albert Einstein Boarding School - For Outstanding Students" that says that they " need kids with potential like I have " and stuff, but I think that's Rubbish . Anyway, my mom read that letter and said something like: "you should do this! Go to New York! " . It looked like she wanted to go more than I did.  At first, I didn't want to leave Phoenix, but then my older brother, Kenny, said: "listen, Maddie, this is an opportunity of a life time. If you won't do this now, you might miss this opportunity". Then I got scared. I might really miss this chance! So what if New York is 2144 miles away? That's not so bad! So I said to my mom:"I want to do this!" and walked to my room, leaving Kenny and mom in the living room, surprised. Summer vacation went really fast, and I had a great time, but two weeks before summer vacation ends and my new life in New York were about to begin, I got scared again. What if it's not what I expected? Maybe it's a horrible place where you have to study all day long? I was so scared, that I wanted to stop time and stay at home forever and ever. And then, two days before my flight, I got you from my mom, which scared me a lot. So that's it? I'm saying goodbye to my family forever? I said thanks and went to my room. The next day, my suitcases were ready, but I wasn't. My family hugged me and gave me "Flight-Letters", a letters that I will read every time I will feel sad or something. My brother gave me a book and a kiss, my dad gave me some kind of bacon that he likes to eat, and my mom gave me a big kiss and told me to Write her letters . So I said thank you, and walked out of the house with my family, trying not to run back to my room and lock myself in there for the rest of my life .


The End

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