Chapter 1Mature

This is about a young girl that just wanted a normal life.

 I’m the new girl at the orphanage. I wish my parents never gave me up, but they just wanted to go on without me. I thought they were my real loving family, but I stand corrected. When I first got to the orphanage, the lady showed me to my room; I have a roommate named Clover Spring. She knows, just like everyone else here, that I’m in total shock. I plan to be alone until hopefully someone adopts me. My name is Ace Winter and this is my story.

 “Hey Ace, I know you’re new and probably tired but would you like to come outside with me?” Clover asked.

 “No I’m fine”

 “Ok suit yourself” Clover replied as she walked away. I couldn’t possibly go outside when I know any day now I’m going to change to my wolf form for at least a day. I have to tell her about it. Well…maybe. I don’t know. I’ll just tell her I’m going to my friend’s house for a day. I’m tired I should go to sleep now. Good night.

 -In the meantime Clover was playing outside with her friend, Gabe.-

 “Gabe, give me my leaf back!” Yells Clover.

 “Ok. You don’t have to yell at me you little kitten!” Gabe said.

 “GABE!” Clover screamed.

 “Ok. Here,” Gabe replied calmly. Clover jumped up and caught her leaf in her cat form; Clover can change into a Dwarf Leopard. Gabe and Clover were outside until darkness blanketed the sky.

 - Ace woke up and looked at the clock.-

 “Oh my gosh, I slept ‘till midnight” I whisper, “I’m hungry. I wonder if I could get some food.” I get up and go to the door.I jiggle the door knob. “Damn, it’s locked, how am I going to get to the kitchen? Hmmm... I can run to that restaurant. I hope it’s still open.” I open the window quietly so that Clover won’t wake up. I run as fast as I can, but I HATE human legs; they cover very little ground. I finally make it to the restaurant. “Wow it’s still open. It’s… a vegetarian place. Cool that works for me,” I say to myself.I walk inside and order nearly everything on the menu; my wolf stomach kicks in.

 “Can I have the check?” I ask when I finish.

 “No, this is on the house,” The waitress says.

 “Oh, ok thanks. Bye, have a good night ma’am!” I say as I walk back to the orphanage. The sun starts to rise and I have to run now. When I’m back at the orphanage, I slide through the window, close the window, and slide right back into bed.

-About five minutes later.-


 “Wake up girls, it’s breakfast time!” The orphanage lady says.

 “Ok” Clover said. The lady left and Clover got up and dressed in her black skinny jeans and a blue tank top. “Ace, Ace wake up”

 “Hmmm?” I mumble.

 “Get up. We have to eat,” Clover responds.

 “No. I’m stuffed,” I reply.

 “Did you sneak out earlier?” Clover asks.

 “Yeah… I got hungry,” I say with a knowingly big smirk on my face.

 “Oh, well just get up anyways,” Clover says.

 “Oook,” I growl.

 I get up and Clover takes a good long look at me.

 “Is your hair naturally white?” Clover asks.

 “Yeah why do you ask?” I question.

 “I have never seen anyone with white hair before…” Clover replies.

 “Oh, yeah it’s an all-natural hair color,” I say.

 “I love it! I love your style too,” Clover says.

 “Thanks. Well, let’s go downstairs,” I say.

 “Ok” Clover says.

 Clover and I go downstairs to eat, but of course I don’t; I’m still full. When Clover finishes, she finds me by myself sitting under a tree.

 “Hey Ace, what’s going on?” Clover asks.

 “Shhh,” I say.

 “Why?” Clover asks me.

 “Ugh, Clover! I was meditating and you kinda messed it up,” I say.

 “Oh. I’m so sorry” Clover apologizes.

 “I was almost done anyway, so it’s ok I guess,” I say.

 “Well, I want to introduce you to Gabe, my best friend. He is really cool,” Clover brags.

 “Okay, if you must. I’d rather be by myself though,” I say quietly.

 “GABE, GABE!!!!” Clover yells.

 “WHAT?” Gabe yells back.

 “COME OVER HERE!” Clover yells.

 “OK!” Gabe says as he walks over to Clover.

 “Gabe, I want you to meet Ace. She’s new. Ace, I want you to meet Gabe,” Clover says.

 “Hi Ace,” Gabe says.

 “Hi Gabe,” I say as I get up “Clover, I should really be getting back to our room.”

 “Ok. Go ahead,” Clover says.

 “Nice to meet you, Gabe,” I say as I leave.

 “You too” Gabe replies.

 I go back up to my room wishing that never happened. At least I know two people now. I wonder if they are my friends. I’ll have to ask Clover when she comes back into the room.

-Clover and Gabe played outside for a couple more hours and Ace just sat there and looked at her clothes to pass the time. Clover finally came up to talk to Ace for a bit.-

 “Clover, am I your friend now?” I ask.

 “Yeah Ace,” Clover replies.

 “How long have you been here?” I ask her.

 “For three years,” Clover responds.

 “That’s a long time…” I say.

 “Yeah but that means that I have plenty of time to hang with friends. And it means that I get to make new friends too, like you.” Clover says.

 “That’s very true,” I say.

 “Well, we have school tomorrow and it’s pretty late so I’m going to get some sleep. Goodnight” Clover whispers loudly as she is half asleep.

 “Night Clover,” I say quietly. Clover turned off the lamp and went to sleep. I’m not tired so I go to sit on the roof. When I reach the top, I see Gabe on the roof too. “Hi Gabe.”

 “Hey! Ace, right?” Gabe asks.

 “Yeah. Right. Why are you up here?” I ask.

 “I wasn’t tired and I like to be outside when I can’t sleep,” Gabe says.

 “Oh. That’s cool,” I respond.

 “Why did you come up here?” Gabe asks. I couldn’t possibly tell Gabe that I planned to howl at the moon, so I’m going to have to lie.

 “I couldn’t sleep either,” I say.

 “Oh” Gabe says.

 -Ace and Gabe lay on the roof looking up into the starry night sky. A few minutes later Ace fell asleep. Gabe went back to his room, got a blanket, then returned to the roof and lay down next to the sleeping Ace. He draped the covers over her motionless body. Soon, Gabe fell fast asleep too, right next to Ace. Ace woke up early, way before the sun came up. She forgot that she was on the roof;When she was going to get up, she felt something around her waist, pulling her down. When she looked, she saw Gabe pulling her body toward his own. She bit Gabe’s arm which made Gabe wake up. -

 “OWW!!” Gabe yells.


 “What did I do?” Gabe asks looking puzzled.

 “You had your stupid arm around my waist pulling me towards you!” I say.

 “Oh. I’m sorry,” Gabe apologized.

 -“No. I don’t accept your apology!” Ace said as she headed back to her room. Gabe was left speechless and didn’t know what else to say. Clover had woken up when she had heard Gabe yell. Clover saw Ace climb back through the window and wondered what had happened.-

 “Ace, what happened?” Clover asked.

 “I really don’t want to talk about it…” I say while quieting down.

 “Come on. Tell me,” Clover begs.

 “NO. LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yell.

 -“Ok, ok, ok,” Clover says. Ace just sat on her bed and waited for the orphanage lady. She came and told them it’s time to go to school.Today is Ace’s third day at the orphanage, and she was hoping she would get adopted soon; she didn’t want to stay here for three years like Clover.

 “Good morning girls. Come downstairs to eat breakfast and then you can walk to school,” the orphanage lady says.

 “Ok,” we say in unison.

 “Hey, Ace you ok from yesterday?” Clover asks.

 “Yeah, I think so. Don’t ask me what happened because I’m not going to tell though,” I say.

 -“Ok Ace I respect you and your decision. Let’s get ready for school,” Clover said. Clover put on her flower shirt and black skinny jeans with her black convers shoes. Ace put her black tee on with a grayish- white hoodie (with her hood pulled up over her head), with her black skinny jeans, and her black leather wrist cuffs over the jacket sleeves and black combat boots. Clover and Ace both went downstairs. Ace sat in the dining room not eating anything and Clover sat eating a lot. Gabe wanted to apologize at the table but Ace left the table not caring about what he was going to say. Ace grabbed her small leather bag and walked out the door then realized she doesn’t know where to go. She sat on the curb and waited for Clover. Clover came outside and Ace got up to follow her until she saw Gabe walking behind her. Ace growled softly and cut in behind Clover.-

 “So Ace, are you ready for your first day at your new school?” Clover asks.

 “Sure… I guess,” I say softly.

 “You sure are quiet, Ace,” Gabe says.

 “I TOLD YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yell and fall to the ground.

 “Ace, are you ok?!” Clover asks me.

 “No,” I say.

 “Do you need to go home?” Clover asks me.

 “No, I don’t have a home anymore. Stop worrying Clover,” Ace said.

 “But you seemed hurt,” Clover replies

 “No, just keep walking,” I say as I stand and put my hood back on.

 -“Ok. Just tell me if you need anything,” Clover said. Ace followed Clover to school and could care less about Gabe. When they walked into the school, Clover told Ace to go to the office and tell them she’s new. Ace went to the office and told them she was new. They gave her a schedule and told her get to class; Ace found her class in a good five minutes. When she got in class she saw Clover and of course Gabe. She sat next to Clover and Gabe, which she hated, but she just tells herself, life must go on. She carried her new journals from class to class since the journals didn’t fit in her little bag. As she was walking, a guy ran into her and knocked her stuff on the floor.-

 “HEY!” I yell. The guy turned around and saw Ace’s face and instantly loved her.

 “Hey, I’m sorry here, let me help you” The guy says.

 “Thanks.Well, I have to go to class,” Ace said.

 “My name is Scott, if you’re wondering,” Scott says.

 “Mine is Ace,” I say.

 “That’s a beautiful name,” Scott says.

 “Thanks. I like yours too,” I blush.

 “Oh, before you leave, what’s your next class?” Scott asks.

 “Chemistry,” I reply.

 “Hey, me too! Want to walk with me?” Scott asks.

 “Sure. It’s always nice to make a new friend,” I say.

 “I haven’t seen you around here before, are you the new kid?” Scott asks.

 “Yeah, why?” I ask.

 “Do you want to sit by me in chemistry?” Scott ask.

 -“Sure” I blush. Ace walked with Scott to chemistry and sat by him as she said she would. Scott asked Ace for her schedule and found they have all the same classes at the same time except for two; Ace had photography and video class. Ace sat next to Scott in all her classes that she had Scott. The next day she sat with Scott and walked with him. Ace began to love Scott and wanted to go out with him, he had red hair styled in a faux hawk haircut and dark brown eyes with a light skin tone. Almost two weeks later filled with them hanging out together ,Scott invited her to the park with his friends.-

 “Ace, I don’t know how to say this, but I love you. Will you go out with me?” Scott asks.

 “I will go out with you, Scott. I love you too.” I blush as we kiss and as Scott’s friends saw and cheered and whistled for us.

 “Go ahead and skateboard with them,” I say.

 “Are you sure?” Scott asks.

 “Yeah” I said. Scott ran off to skate with his friends as I call Clover.

 “Hello?” Says Clover.

 “Hey! you’ll never guess what just happened!” Ace said excitedly.

 “Important news?” Clover asks.

 “YEAH!” Ace screeched and Scott looked at her, “I’m ok Scott,” I say.

 “What happened? I want to know!” Clover says.

 “Scott just asked me out!” I say happily.


 “I KNOW!” I yell back.

 “That’s awesome,” Clover says.

 “Well I got to go. Scott is going to take me somewhere,” I say.

 “Ok, bye good luck!” Clover says.

 -Clover and Ace hung up.-

 “Ace, you ready to go?” Scott asks.

 “Yeah let’s go,” I say..

 - Scott’s brother, Kyle, came and drove Ace and Scott back to his house to meet his dad.-

 “Ace, I want you to meet my dad so he can approve of you,” Scott says.

 “Oh. Ok,” I say.

 -Scott gets out the car and opens the door for Ace. They walk into the house and find Scott’s dad sitting on the couch; the one you see when you first walk in.-

 “Hey dad, this is Ace,” Scott says.

 “Good evening, sir,” I say with a slight bow.

 “I am Charlie, Scott’s dad,” Charlie says.

 “I love your son a lot, Sir,” I say.

 “I can tell,” Charlie replies.

 “Um, thank you, Sir,” I blush.

 “You very beautiful and seem very kind. I have a few questions for you,” Charlie explains.

 “Ok. Ask me anything,” I say with strong determination.

 “Have you ever had another boyfriend?” Charlie asks.

 “No. Your son will be the first,” I say.

 “Are you trying to use my son?” Charlie asks.

 “No, Sir,” I reply.

 “What is the number one thing you like about my son?” Charlie asks.

 “I love your son’s personality,” Ace remarks.

 “Ok. Mind if I borrow my son for a few minutes?” Charlie asks.

 “Go ahead, Sir,” I say.

 “Scott, come here,” Charlie demands.

 “Ok dad,” Scott says as he gets up from the couch.

 “I like her, so you can date her.Just… be careful,” Charlie whispers loud enough for me to hear.

 “I know dad. I love her a lot, thank you for letting me date her,” Scott says as he hugs his dad. He walks back to me and kisses me on the forehead. A rush of happiness overwhelms me and I nearly forget the world around me.

 “Hey Ace, can I meet your parents?” Scott asks.

 “No. I’m sorry,” I say sadly.

 “Well, why not?” Scott questions.

 “My parents gave me up…” I look down at my palms feeling ashamed of myself.

 “Oh I’m so sorry for asking,” Scott says while hugging me tightly.

 “It’s ok. I am happier now anyway because I’m with you,” I say while looking into Scott’s eyes.

 “You are the best thing that has happened to me,” Scott says.

 “Awww. You’re the cutest,” Ace says.

 “Want to go to my room and watch TV for a bit?” Scott asks.

 -“Sure,” Ace responded. Scott and Ace went to watch TV, but in the middle of a show Ace fell asleep on Scott’s chest. Scott fell asleep later. His dad came in to wake him up for school and saw Ace in his bed cuddling up next to him. He got mad and yelled at Scott to get up and go to school. Scott got up and so did Ace.

 “Good morning baby!” Scott says.

 “Good morning,” I say as I stretch.

 “Do you need clean clothes for today?” Scott asks.

 “Yeah, I may run to the orphanage,” I reply.

 “You want to wear something of my mom’s clothes?” Scott asks.

 “Hmmm… I don’t know. What does she have?” I ask.

 “Do you want to look?” Scott asks.

 “Yeah” I say as Scott shows me to his mother’s closet.

 “Will your mom mind?” I ask.

 “No. She passed away…” Scott says.

 “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss!” I say filled with regret.

 -“It’s ok. You didn’t know. Just look around and see if you find anything you like,” Scott said walking back into his room. Ace found a cute gray halter dress. She took off her dirty clothes, put on the dress, grabbed her dirty clothes, walked to Scott’s room, and sat down on his bed waiting for him to turn around. He was busy putting her journals into his backpack.

 “Scott, I’m back,” I say.

 “Did you find anything?” Scott asks without looking at me.

 “Yeah. You want to see?” I ask.

 “Yeah. Give me a sec,” Scott says as he gets up and turns to see me.

 “You like?” I ask.

 “I don’t like it, Ace,” Scott says.

 “Why?” I ask almost crying.

 -“I don’t like it, I love it! You look so pretty. OH MY, let’s go. We are going to be late” Scott said grabbing his backpack and shoes. Ace grabbed her shoes and Scott got his brother, Kyle, to drive them to school. At school everyone was looking at Ace because of her dress. Clover couldn’t believe what Ace was wearing. Clover was so shocked she had to ask, “Ace, why are you wearing that?”-

 “Oh, it’s because I fell asleep at Scott’s house. I didn’t want to wear the same clothes over again, so Scott offered me to wear one of his mom’s outfits.” I explain.

 “Cool, but the orphanage woman was wondering where you were. She was about to call the police, but I told her we were playing hide and seek, and luckily, she believed that. Are you going to walk with me today?” Clover wonders.

 “No. I’ve got to go pick up my clothes at Scott’s,” I say.

 “Well, hurry. There’s supposed to be a surprise for us when we get back,” Clover exclaims.

 “Hey, let me ask Scott if you can come over with me so I don’t miss the surprise,” I say.

 -“Sure I guess” Clover said. Later that day Ace asked Scott if Clover can come over too, so they can both get the surprise at the same time. Scott agreed so after school, Kyle picked them all up and went to get Ace’s clothes. Scott went inside real quick and gave Ace her clothes.-

 “Scott, do you need the dress back?” I ask sweetly. “No. Babe, it’s ok.You can keep it,” Scott says as he kisses me on the nose.

 “Are you sure? It’s your mothers…” I insist.

“Yeah. Totally,” Scott said. Ace put her head on Scott’s shoulder and was being quiet for the rest of the drive. They finally made it to the orphanage where Ace and Clover were about to get the surprise of a lifetime.-

The End

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