A rattle of the kitchen door passing through to the front room was behind me, the morning babble from my parents carried throughout the silent room. “Jace, I heard voices, is everything o... Oh my God Harry quick get in here now, he’s...” My mother reeled off into a rant looking from me to the baby, looking for similarities, looking for me to tell her it’s not mine.

Pointing frantically around, my dad came in and looked sternly from my still shocked face to the baby’s sleepy eyes and my mother’s frowning face. “Jules let’s hear him out. He wouldn’t do this to you on purpose he’s had his career set in front of him since he was a young lad... Jules sit down!” My father said more sternly towards the end as my mother went hysterical at the baby sat there. “Okay son tell us what happened.” I looked from one to the other. Telling the story of the baby showing up on the doorstep and remembering how it came about... 

The End

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