New Life

This is a similar story to Boys Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman but in my own personal writing and ideas. Its about a boy ready to go out into the real world when his life is suddenly changed by an unexpected arrival.

The deed was done. The exams finished. The long summer days of the blistering sun, cool blue skies and ice cold drinks come around the corner. I woke with a start, the sun bursting through my bedroom window like a star shooting across the sky. I stretched and pulled on a t-shirt, excitement coursed through my veins. Results day.

I ran down stairs hoping for the post to have arrived already, pleading that Frank the postman wasn’t late as he usually was. Frantically, I burst through the kitchen door, swigged down a cup of orange juice and made my way into the front room. A knock on the door. My heart skipped a beat, maybe it didn’t fit through the letter box, maybe. Pacing towards the door, lists of possible rejections burst into my head, intrusions on my warm summers day. FAIL, in capital letters, are my main thoughts as I open the heavy wooden door. 

With a release of breath, it was not the post man, but a friend I hadn’t seen in well over a year now. “Jason! Hi, I need to tell you something,” she halted as a second voice came from behind her, not a voice but a wail like a banshee split through the quiet morning peace. “Shhh, calm Belle...” she cooed at the baby creating a soothing lull. I gaped and shook my head from one to the other, looking closely at the bawling baby. Its eyes were scrunched up and its fists were little balls of power, tightly squeezed so that nothing could be released from the claw like grasp. Its hair was wispy and free in the slight breeze and its mouth hung open demanding attention from the tired, wary looking Kate, which I thought I once knew. “Can we come in please?” I looked again from her to the baby, still in a state of shock, I heard her exasperated tone and nodded.

What harm could be done?

The End

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