New Life

Another planet is open for living. Several people are selected to begin the colony. What problems will they face on an unknown planet?

I have been cought. After five years of running. I wonder what will happen now. It can't be much worse than my life already. Living on the streets sounds cool, until you have to do it. Then it is the stuff of nightmares.

My mother died of childbirth and heart break. My father left two days before I was born, and never came back. After I ran from the Foster House, I relied on my self. They never came to find me, but I figured they thought I was dead.

Well, they did, until I was cought just now. I hope this big monkey doesn't think to ID me. That would ruin what little I still have of my mind. I Should be tossed into a cell for what I've done to stay alive. Stealing from vendors, robbing pocket like a pettey thief.

 I shouldn't have been reduced to this, but it is not the worst possible life for a fifteen year old girl. I have seen some, younger than me even, going into dark allies with strange men.

Now, I am sitting in the back of his truck, Like a dog with out tags. Well, I probably DO have fleas...

The End

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