New Ideas ~ A Fresh Start

Ok so basically, I know I haven't on much on this site & I have a perfectly good reason for that!: beginning of high school! The school's far; it takes me over a half hour to come & go from it; I get home around 4:30 - oh, except on Wed. coz like school starts & ends a hour early, so I'm actually home by 4:00 then; and basically, I just haven't been writing much lately, mostly just editing.

So, here's what I'm going to do: DELETE ALL OF MY STORIES & START FRESH & NEW. The stories are freshly edited &have been perfected! So, I'm starting with Mixed 'N' Matched Love. Since that one has had most of the chapters edited and maybe even Falling For My Best Friend's Sister. & I assure u guys that it is WAY, WAY, WAY better than what it used to be like - er, even though I haven't gotten very far in it as of yet. But, I will...soon - I promise!

Hope u all njoy! & I L♥V3 U! =D

The End

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