Alexa told me she was also home schooled. I told mama everything. She said "I told you so" Well maybe she was right. I did get a new friend. I asked he if me and Alexa could go to the movies. Alexa also asked too. Our mothers said yes. Our mothers also became close. We didn't know what movie to watch.  Mama and Alexa's mom went to the movies too.They watched a romantic move. I saw the Dragon and the sand preview. It looked good. I told Alexa and she said that looked good. So we ended up watching the move. We got popcorn and M and M's. She liked the brown ones and i liked the red ones. The movie was scary. When both movies were done, I asked if I could go sleep at Alexa's. Mama said yes. Alexa's mom said yes. Mama went home and Alexa, Alexa's mom, and I went shopping for things we could do. Then we went back home. We started with make -up. She liked what we looked like. Next we did drawing. We made pictures of hearts and each other. At 1:00 we fell asleep watching Disney Channel.

The next morning, mamma woke me up for school. I wiened and wiened saying"Mamma! I am homeschooled! Whyy do I have to get up early?" She just replied"Just because your homeschooled, doesn't mean you get to sleep in!

The End

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