New House

I'm Izzy and i'm 11 years old. My father had died when I was 5. I don't really remember him. mama said he was a good man of God.

As I stumble threw the bushes, I hear mama calling me to dinner. I have been in the woods with Amy forever. We play with rocks and splash in the river . I went to my blue front door and went in. Mama yelled at me because my shoes were so muddy. Last night it was raining so hard, Chocolate was barking like he was in a well full of thorns.Chocolate was 2 when I got him. I took my shoes off. Then i went to the bathroom and cleaned my face and feet off. I saw Cameron at the table. Of course he was listenin to his mp3 player. Ever since mama bought him that mp3 player last Christmas, he never listens to anything but his mp3 player. He is my big brother and always, he is annoying. I sat down at the table and watched mama put food on my plate. I love this house and neighborhood. I got the best friends in the world. Mama made spagetti for dinner tonight. I ate as fast as I could so I could  finish my homework. I'm on multiplication. I'm like the expert at it. Then I got my shower.

 The next day, I heard the worst news ever from mama. She said "Honey, we're moving to West Virginia." That echoed in my head as my heart raced so fast. I told all my friends and I felt like I was going through the hardest time of my life. As I prayed that night, Iheard a voice speaking. It was a little scary but i thought God was calling me. So I sayed "God is that u?" Then I heard a yes in my heart. As I heard him speak, I sat there wondering, am I hearing things? He told me that I will stumble and have rough times but the days will get better. I tried to beleive him but I just couldn't believe mama was doing this to me and Cameron.

I tried to wonder why mama was doing this. Was it morgage or bills? Or was it people? I never got the nerve to ask why. Until the day we moved. She said the house was going to be torn down, but I asked "why?" She said" It was there since my greatgrandpa was little. I could'nt believe it! As the days past by, the hours went slower. We finally reached West Virginia. I saw the house and it was big. I went in the house and i saw it had a humungouse light in the middle of the room. I went to see the rest of the house and it was magnificent1 Until I saw my room. It looked like it wasn't opened for ages! I sat on the bed. It made the loudest noise. I went to my mom's room and I complained, but al she said was"we'll fix it when i get a job." I complained more. she did nothing. I went to my room again and unpacked my things. I went through the boxes to find the dust cleaner. I made a big mess, so I put everything back. Went to my room and dusted everything. That night, I tossed and turned. I counted sheep, counted to 1 hundred, I did everything.

At like 5 in the morning I went to sleep. It felt like I slept for a minute because at 7 o'clock, mama woke me up for breakfast. She later told me that I will be homeschooled. I was so bummed because i wanted to make new friends. I told her i wanted to make new friends, but she said that I will have alot of neighbors. So I went to our neighbor later that day and a girl my age came to open the door. I told her who I was and she said she was Alexa. She invited me in and I met her family. I met her brother. His name was Tank. He had huge arms, very strong, big muscles, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'11", 190 lbs, and he likes to listen to  music. Me and Alexa became best friends. We told eachother secrets.

The End

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