Making Friends

The next few months went by smoothly. I wasn't making freinds, mostly because all the girls around here seemed like b*tches, and I hate little b*tches. The guys follow them like dogs, and the once who don't are really weird, and aren't worth a second look. I mostly work on my studying, and talk to my old friends on the computer, but I'm beginning to drift away from them all. Mom's always at work, or out with her new friends. Lainey always has six or eight friends crammed into our tiny living room, and as long as they don't bother me I don't mind. Supposively some of them have a crush on me, which is flattering, but the last thing I need is a boyfriend three years younger. I go out sometimes to the youth center down town to have a game of pool or air hockey, but other than that I don't have that many friends. When I lived in Ontario, I had lots of friends. I missed them to death, but I don't think I would get along with anyone here, and honestly, I didn't think I would be staying here too long. As soon as I graduated in two years, I was going to be on the first flight home, to Ontario. Of course.. this dream would soon change.

*Sorry that's kind of short, I'm building up to something big :D <3

The End

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