New school, new teachers, new friends.. new siblings?

As I showerd and got ready, I wonderd what school woud be like in the tiny high school Mom had drove past to show me. Grade 10 mid semester, I was not looking forward to. I also wonderd how Lainey, my younger 13 year old sister, would get along in her Grade 7 class. Starting Grade 7 in the middle of the year would be easy, I continued to think when Lainy knocked on the ajar door of my bedroom. "Lola?"


"I don't want to start school here, I want to go back home."

"I know. So do I, so don't worry about it. You'll make new friends." This was about as dry as Mom's speeches to us, and the simliarites were scary. "Don't worry, it's gonna suck for both of us." I finished my makeup, helped Lainey with hers and we left together.

The school wasn't that far of a walk, I saw a lot of kids walking the same route as us, and wonderd if we had neighbours. The middle school was right next to the high school. I wished Lainey good luck, and cut through the parking lot entering the large front doors of Pictou Academy. To the left was the secretary's office. "Hello?" She asked, sounding very bored. "Uh, Hi. My name is Lola Hale."

"Oh right, Lola. Um, just a sec here." She looked around her messy desk, and quickly grabbed some papers "Here's your course schedule, we tried to mimick the courses you took at your previous school, but if you have any problems please ask Mr.Cyr in the guidance room."

Just as she finished her senetence a man with graying hair walked in the room. "Oh, hello." He greeted, with a hand stuck out. I shook. "I'm Mr.Ryan, you must be the new girl, Lola?"

"Yeah, Lola Hale." I said,

"Well if you need any help finding your way around, just ask any of the kids around here. Everyone's very friendly here at PA."

"Okay, thankyou."

"Mrs.Bourque here has given you your schedule has she?"

"Yes, and if I have any problems talk to Mr. Cyr in the guidance room."

"Yes, that's right. Well classes actually started five minutes ago, if you want to tell me what your first class is there"

"Oh yeah, I havnt even really looked at it." Unlike my old school, instead of a Monday to Friday schedule, they had a Day 1-4 schedule. Just more things to get used to. "What day is it today?" I asked.

"Oh, sorry it's day two." Mr.Ryan replied.

"Uh, I have math."

"Alright then, just down the hall here" He said, walking me down the hallway. He opended the door and walked in with the authority he possesd, and I really didn't want to go in. I did anyhow. A young looking teacher with short blond hair was writing equations on the board. This classroom could probably only hold about twenty four students, but there was only about sixteen in the class anyways. "Oh hello" The teacher said in a way too cheerful voice. "Is this our new student?"

"Yes, Mr.Ryan" replied, making it an announcement to the whole class. It probably woke half of them up. "This is Lola Hale. She just moved here from.. " He let the sentence linger for a second, until I realized he was waiting for an answer. "Milton, Ontario" I said.

"Why not take a seat up front here?"

I quickly figured out that this school was a few weeks behind mine, and I would barely have to study. I spent most of my first day keeping out of everyone's way, meeting my teachers and reading ahead in my textbooks. Most people didn't see it in me, but I was a really good student. My dad got me into it. After school I met upi with Lainey and walked home. I was reading some chapters of my science textbook and taking notes when our phone rang. I grinned when I saw the familar Ontario number. "Hi daddy!" I said, loud enough so Lainey could hear.

"Hey sweetie." He replied on the other end. "God I miss you girls. How are you and Lainey doing?"

"We're doing fine Dad, missing you. Missing home. How are you doing though?"

"Well Lola, that's why I called. Uh, would your mother be around hun?"

"No, she's at work still, why?"

"Well, I guess this doesn't concern her anyways. Is Lainey there with you?"


"Alright, Lo'. Your old dad's gotten himself into some trouble. And last week, I found out I have two little twin boys"

"Oh my gosh. Dad!" I gasped, shocked and disgusted.

"Now listen, I want your sister to hear this from me. Okay? You've got two little brothers now."

"Who's?" I asked, trying to dance around with my words so Lainey wouldn't figure it out.

"Caroline. She's from Thunder Bay, you wouldn't know her."

"Mhm." I said, highly uninterested. My father didn't just replace his wife, he replaced his kids too.
"Lola you'd love them. They're just a few days old right now. Masen and Jason."

"Sure, whatever Dad. You wanna talk to Lainey?"

"Now wait a sec Lola, I wasn't done talking to you."

"Too bad, I don't care anymore" And with that I handed the phone to Lainey, who took it into her room.f


The End

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