new girl in town.

Lola Stevens' parents just split up, and her immature mother refuses to live in the same town as her ex husband, so she packs up her bags and moves three provinces over, all the way from ontario to some town in NS. Lola never gets along with her mother, and is not looking forward to 'starting her life over' as her mother says it.

As I woke up in my new bedroom I, for the tenth time this week, listed the things I now hated about my life; the pale pink paint in my new bedroom, the extremely small closet that came with my bedroom, the size of my bedroom. This was just the things I hated about my bedroom. I hated the size of my living room, kitchen and bathroom. I hated the fact that other than the bedrooms of my mother and sister that those were the only rooms in my extremly small house. I hated the fact that my neighbours have a dog that's always barking, and I absolutly detested the fact that I didn't know anyone around here. I'd been here for two weeks, and no matter how many times I ran to the store down the road to pick something up, I didn't meet anyone, except the guy working the cash register. He's eighteen, kind of cute, but one day I commented on his ring, and he told me about his engagement. Of course I'd meet a guy who's engaged. I really missed it back home, in Ontario. I had my friends, I had my school and most of all I had my dad. It was obvious Dad was cheating on Mom, I'm pretty sure everyone but she knew. As soon as she found out though, she flipped, found a job 18 hours away packed us up and moved. I've never been close to my mother, I was always close to Dad. "Oh well Lola, things change" was my mother's only reply as we packed up the car and left. I missed my old house so much, my old house was huge compared to the little one we lived in now. My old house had three floors, I was on the very bottom with a bathroom my sister and I shared. We had two living rooms, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool and hottub everything! I missed it a lot. I missed my closet the most, and the privacy I had in my room. Now my bedroom door enters into the living room, which is also where the front door is. I guess the person who built this house never heard of a foyer. One floor? I don't know how anyone could survive in this place, I guess I'm going to have to.

The End

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